How to assemble the black-gold two-way island rack

How to assemble the black-gold two-way island rack

This is a black-gold two-way island rack with components: a base, a column, and two display poles. This is a beautiful and durable clothing display rack, which is easy and fast to install.


Adjustable feet, Long screws, Screw gasket, Golden metal buckle, Non-slip screws


M5 hexagon wrench


1. Screw the four adjustable feet of the base

2. Put two long screws with screw washers through the base and column to fix them, then tighten the screws

3. Screw on the two non-slip screws on the top of the display pole, put on the two golden metal buckles, and buckle them.

4. Align the two display rods with the holes of the column and put them on

5. In this way, our black-gold two-way island rack is installed

Originally published 28 Aug 2021, updated 28 Aug 2021.

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