Zoning with Clothing Display Racks

04 Sep 2019

According to the distribution of clothing display racks, we usually divide clothing stores into three areas, the mainstream area, the sub-stream area and the functional area and the three areas are indispensable.

We need to make good use of these three areas to achieve the best sales. Next, we will introduce the use of these three areas:

Mainstream areas:

This area is the most prominent place in the whole shop, and also the area with the most passenger flow. The success rate of goods sales in this area will be higher than that in other areas, so the mainstream area will generally be used as new goods display" or promotional display. The clothing display racks used in this area are mainly front-hanging display racks. They can display new clothes in an all-round way, make people focus on new clothes, increase customers'desire to buy new clothes, and thus improve the success rate of sales.

Sub-stream area:

The location of this area is poor, but different display methods can be used to attract customers and increase the success rate of its goods sales. The sub-stream area will be used for anti-seasonal clothing display and Unsalable goods sales promotion display. The clothing display racks used in this area are mainly side-hanging display racks that many clothes can be hung. Customers entering the sub-stream area can be attracted by different display methods to buy some of her favorite anti-seasonal clothes or unsalable clothes in stores, so as to reduce the store inventory pressure.

Functional area:

Functional areas, including cash register, dressing room, customer lounge and so on, do not have direct sales function, but can be used for communication with customers, such as adding "return and exchange instructions", "VIP card application", "preferential promotion plan". They can invisibly deepen the experience of the shop and silently promote some of our shop's push to customers. Through these activities, promote the sales of stores. Shop function area can also add supplementary sales products (such as: small accessories display on the side of the cash register, etc.) for promotion purposes. Comfortable and spacious functional areas will play a great role in improving brand image.

Due to the different layout of each shop, the Mainstream, Sub-stream and functional areas of the shop can be divided according to the specific pattern.

Zoning with Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 04 Sep 2019, updated 04 Sep 2019.

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