Why production of many luxury brands is halted

30 Mar 2020

With the outbreak of COVID-19 all over the world, many luxury brands, such as Chanel, Hermes, Patek Philippe and Rolex, the production was announced to be halted. Most of them are in France. It is also a country which is affected by the coronavirus greatly. For the production is forced to be halted, many factories are influenced as well. Taking the clothing market for example, there are short of products and the prospect of clothing display racks may be also influenced. Generally speaking, it is what we should do right now for the sake of people’s life.

Why production of many luxury brands is halted

Let’s know more about the luxury brands firstly. The brand of Chanel is founded by Coco Chanel in Paris, France. It is welcomed by people all over the world for the brand has many kinds of luxury including the clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume and other more. At first, this brand is mainly for the clothing brand. Coco, the founder of this brand, started a millinery shop in Paris in 1910. With her wonderful skills of tailor, she made many beautiful and simple hats for consumers. At that time, people were tired of the decoration of flowers aside the hats. So, the comfortable and simple hats designed by Coco were warmly welcomed by many consumers. With many helpers and supports, she also continued to struggle for the field of Haute Couture. It was until 1914 that the brand of Chanel was formally founded after Coco opened two clothing stores. In spite of clothes, Chanel also produce perfume since 1921. Hermes, it is also a famous luxury brand which was founded by Thierry Hermes in Paris in 1837. It is a brand which bases on the traditional handcraft and pursues innovation always. There are many kinds of products, such as bags, ties, clothes, artwork and many more. While, for the brand of Patek Philippe and Rolex, they mainly sell for the watches, which are also popular all around the world. Maybe you have some questions about these brands. Why are they called the luxury brands? In fact, it is the wonderful design and the well quality that deserves many consumers. Certainly, the price is also very high.

So, different people may have different ideas about the suspensive production of the luxury brands. The direct factor which affect the production is the COVID-19 as everybody knows. In France, the figure about the affected people is more than one thousand. The president of France, Macron, expressed that it was just time for the country getting into the three-level emergency and they would try hard to tackle this problem in the later solution. However, according to the local reports, although the coronavirus was still spreading, many collective activities such as the international agricultural fair in France was still holding. Many people get together without any prevention. This can easily result into the disaster. So, they should take practical action to win this fight. What calls people’s attention is that the president of China, Xi Jinping, had a phone call with the president of France, Macron in March 23rd. Xi emphasized that both of the country has full confidence and would like to share the same destiny during these special times. What’s more, China would like to support and help each other. When Macron asked about the experience about dealing with the virus, Xi also shared some effective solutions and introduced them to Marcon. They had the same idea that only when we get together and help each other can we win the fight finally.

Why production of many luxury brands is halted

Under these special times, many luxury brands had to halt the production. Before the production was halted, it is said that Coco Crush produce the new one called Coco Crush Mini, which is the earring with narrow lattice patterns. But unluckily the condition is bad in Italy and France, the production have to halt quickly. The factories for the brand of Chanel in Italy, France and Switzerland are closed. It was predicted that the time would last for at least two weeks. We know, with the factories are closed, many correlate producing lines are affected, including the watches, haute couture, clothes, fine jewelry and something more. Certainly, some of the factories are still working and the workers are offered enough prevention for the sake of life. We all know that most of the European countries are stuck in the disaster of coronavirus, they have to take effective actions to make it under control. The brand of Rolex announced that the factories producing for watches were needed to be closed since March 17th in Geneva. The CEO of Rolex, Jean Frederic Dufour, said that he had conveyed the plan of the company in the email sending to the staff. What’s more, he suggested that workers should stay at home as much as possible.

To be truth, the influence of the production is inevitable. But we are still hopeful that we will pull through and start a new life later. We can confidently say that we are the professional factories to produce the clothing display racks for you. If you need, we are always there waiting for you. We have enough products for you to choose and there are also different kinds of display racks. Opportunities are only for the prepared minds. Don’t be regretful after the opportunities are gone. The clothes are perfect with the help of clothing display racks. For a clothing store, there should be some display racks or display tables to introduce the products to consumers. We should be brave enough to meet the challenge of COVID-19.

Why production of many luxury brands is halted

In a word, although the clothing market is influenced to some extent, it is still an opportunity for you to reconsider the way you are working on. There may be short of products and the prospect of clothing display racks may be also influenced. Anyway, if you have enough confidence, just keep going and believe that you will have the product innovation after that. There is a saying that the spring is coming and we will be fortunate to enjoy the life since the winter is gone.

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Originally published 30 Mar 2020, updated 30 Mar 2020.

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