What is the Resolution for Shaking Issue in Clothing Display Racks

28 Sep 2019

Korean guests have designed a luxury crystal tea table in clothing display racks.

Korean guest has made several crystal tea table samples in other factories which are shaking,but now they ask us to make samples to prevent shaking.

President Lu: Hello, Miss Lian. Nice to meet you.

Melissa LIan: Nice to meet you, President Lu.

President Lu: I have a very luxurious and beautiful crystal tea table, but the samples are shaking three times in other factories. Is there any way for your factory to solve this problem?

Melissa LIan: Sure. Show me your design and tell me about the samples.

President Lu: For the first time, stainless steel plates were used at the bottom of the tea table, and iron plate were used to aggravate the base. The pipes passing through the crystal ball in the middle were made of 2 mm thick 25mm round pipes. The samples shook badly;For the second time, it was thought that the shaking of the base was not enough to reappear, so the bottom of the tea table was aggravated by 5 mm thick iron plates. Pipes passing through the crystal ball are welded to the base, but they still shake; The third time, the base is changed to 7 mm thick iron plate, and the pipe replaced by solid one passing through the crystal ball in the middle is welded to the base. The pipe is also heavily welded to the base after it is filled with crystal ball, which is supposed to be heavy and stable enough, but now there is still shaking. The situation is unsatisfactory.

Melissa LIan: I see your situation. At present, the situation is heavy, but the shaking is still not ideal, and welding dead makes transport volume large, inconvenient and expensive freight. In fact, the contact surface between the tube and the base through the crystal ball is too small, there is no way to change the problem of shaking, as long as the contact surface between the tube and the base is enlarged, the problem of shaking can be solved. Now I'll make the following modifications according to your situation: the base is weighted with 5mm thick steel plate, and the tube through crystal ball is made of 2mm thick 25mm round pipes, which can reduce the cost of assembly. What is more, a piece of 5mm thick iron plate with a diameter of 150 should be welded at the bottom of the tube to increase the contact surface with the base. I'll show you the sample tomorrow.

President Lu: It would be great if you could solve the problem of shaking. I like this style very much, but the previous samples have been unsatisfactory and I want to give it up. Fortunately, I found you.

Melissa LIan: It's a small problem. It's easy to solve. You'll have a night's rest today and see the samples tomorrow morning.

President Lu: That's great. Thank you very much.

The next morning President Lu came to the factory again to see the samples.

President Lu: That's a great speed. We finished the samples in one night, and the samples were handmade well. Let me try its stability first.

Melissa LIan: No problem, just try!

After that, President Lu hung the whole person on the tea table, swaying to left and right. The tea table was stable and motionless.

President Lu: Your factory is so powerful that the problem has plagued me for so long has finally been solved. You make it disassembled and assembled, which not only saves transportation costs, but also is stable and non-shaking. Order 500 sets right away!

Melissa LIan: Well, happy cooperation!

What is the Resolution for Shaking Issue in Clothing Display Racks What is the Resolution for Shaking Issue in Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 28 Sep 2019, updated 28 Sep 2019.

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