The Wedding Dress Clothing Display Racks

28 Jul 2019

Every girl has a beautiful dream to wear a beautiful wedding dress and marry her lover. When you walk into the wedding dress shop, you can see the beautiful wedding dress,but few people will see the clothing display racks which showing the beauty of the wedding dress. However, the wedding dress is flowers, the wedding dress display rack is green leaves, and the flower has to be supported by green leaves. So a high-end wedding dress shop needs more high-end display racks to show the nobility and beauty of the wedding dress.

As wedding dress is longer than ordinary clothes, the display rack of wedding dress is usually more than 2 meters high, in order to better show the beauty of wedding dress. But in the market too high display rack stability is not good and very shaky. Fortunately,you saw this article and you know our factory. We solve the problem of your display rack shaking, we solve the problem of poor workmanship of your display rack, we solve the problem of your display rack large volume.

First,this wedding dress display racks, as shown in the figure, is very stable.Because this display rack is made of pipe laser cutting, its installation hole is precise and steady, and it also inserts the pipe into the firm platform to fix.Second,Each of its production processes is welded, grinned, polished and no welding scar. As We take every process seriously,the workmanship of our display rack is good.Third,this wedding dress display racks can be disassembled into one pipe and one pipe,which greatly reduces the volume and facilitates transportation.

They are 201 # matte stainless steel and they will be vacuum-plated Champagne Gold with no fingerprint processing,and its base is white baking paint wood platform.What is more,we have done embossing on the pipe and designed a beautiful shape on the top of the shelf.The one size is L1200*W600*H2500,and it can be continuously lengthened according to the length you need.

If you think the wedding dress display racks are not suitable, we can customize the product according to the design you need. Welcome to customize with the drawings.

The Wedding Dress Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 28 Jul 2019, updated 28 Jul 2019.

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