The Influence of Island Clothing Display Racks on the Layout of Clothing Stores

20 Sep 2019

The layout of a clothing store directly affects the overall revenue of the store, and the layout of the island clothing display racks are the main content of the clothing store layout.

The channel formed by the clothing display racks determines the flow direction of customers, so no matter how to arrange, it should keep some flexibility for the change of business content, so as to adjust the layout form of the clothing display racks at any time.

Our island display rack has such flexibility, can be placed in the middle of the shop, can also be placed on both sides or four sides of the shop, strong activity, can adapt to different seasons and different themes of the shop layout and move and put at will!

The color matching of this island clothing display rack is also high-end. The skillful matching of stainless steel gold and high-grade white also makes people look bright visually. It attracts customers' eyes at the first time, thus creating a desire to buy clothes on the island clothing display rack.

This island clothing display rack uses simple line design, the bottom is white laminate, good stability, strong load-bearing capacity, and is not easy to deform, simple but not simple, simple style practical but super high, and strong and durable, without fear of losing practicability while pursuing simplicity at the same time!

The design of side-hanging display on island clothing display rack can accommodate and display more clothes to meet the diverse needs of customers, while shoes can be placed on the bottom laminate to improve the integrity of the whole island clothing display rack.

Our island clothing display rack is simple in style, high in material utilization, low in consumables and cost savings. Besides, the bottom floor can be changed according to the theme color of the shop. It has high practicability.

Island clothing display rack is an indispensable and cost-effective clothing display rack for clothing stores.

The Influence of Island Clothing Display Racks on the Layout of Clothing Stores

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Originally published 20 Sep 2019, updated 20 Sep 2019.

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