The Influence of Color on Island Clothing Display Racks

05 Oct 2019

Clothing is very important in people's lives. There are all kinds of clothing stores in the streets and alleys. How to make more people notice the stores and attract them into the stores is the top priority of the clothing stores!

Fashion clothing display racks are the soul of a clothing store and a good clothing display racks is a silent salesman who can help you sell goods.

The display of clothing display racks are particularly important, only after careful layout of the shop will let customers see, produce the desire to buy into the shop!

Our island clothing display table is composed of three display countertops of different materials and high-end quality metal. It draws a stable and durable geometric outline with very concise lines and simple metal frame, which makes people feel comfortable, clean and neat.

Three layers of different colors display layers are skillfully matched, rich in color, so that customers can be more eye-catching. The top layer is a glass design with high transparency and good light transmittance. It can make the light directly penetrate the glass and hit the second layer of the display table, which is orange,so that the items placed on the display table are more brilliant and dazzling. The folded clothes can be placed on the third-tier display table, which is white and gives people a sense of orderliness and hierarchy. It is also convenient for customers to pick and choose.

On the display table, accessories such as bags and shoes matching clothing sales can also be placed, enriching the content of the display table, and also improving the revenue of clothing stores. The small ornaments of plants and flowers can also be placed on the display table to add vitality and vitality to the clothing display rack.

Our colorful island clothing display table can change the material and color of the display table according to personal preferences or the theme style of the shop.

The Influence of Color on Island Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 05 Oct 2019, updated 05 Oct 2019.

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