The Importance of Display Table in Clothing Display Racks

21 Sep 2019

Excellent merchandise display is half the success of the store.

For the clothing store, the clothing display racks are the main tool of the commodity display, so it is particularly important to select the clothing display racks, including display table!

As we all know, besides the display window, the shop plays the greatest display role. When customers enter the shop, the first impression of the shop will come from the display table.

The placement of the display table has a very strong eye-catching effect. It can usually be placed at the entrance of the store to attract customers' attention for the first time, which can improve the rate of entering the store. It can also be placed in the central position of the shop to prolong the display line and improve the rate of trial-wear, which can also play the role of diverting customers.

Our high and low staggered design of the display table brings visual impact to customers, making people feel that the products of the display table have a more hierarchical sense, and the items on the two display tables are placed in a non-interference line of sight.

Our display table is composed of four simple cylindrical metal feet and rectangular plates. It has a simple style, no too much trivial decoration, and looks clean and neat. And the ingenious combination of metal and sheet metal also shows the beauty and generosity of the display table!

The display table is a rectangular flat plate, which has sufficient space to use and can accommodate a large number of items. Folding clothes, busts, matching accessories and so on can be placed on the table, which can be arranged and displayed according to the theme of the shop.

Our production display table is relatively simple, consumables are relatively small, fashionable and simple, put different items have different charm and style, will make your store more outstanding, more eye-catching!

The Importance of Display Table in Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 21 Sep 2019, updated 21 Sep 2019.

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