The Guidance about Resuming Operation

20 Mar 2020

It is particularly important to call attention to the danger of COVID-19 recently. People all over the world are worried about that as we know. Although the things are getting better in China, now it is crucial to have the control of imported cases because other countries are also caught in this virus. Lately, the Health Committee in Guangdong province gave guidance about resuming operation. It shows that the entertainment venues and the catering or other individual business should take proper action according to the management requirement in public. For example, clothing display racks in the clothing store should be disinfected well to keep the environment clean.

The Guidance about Resuming Operation

Firstly, let’s focus on the situation of the virus around the world. It is reported that in Europe, there are more than 170 thousand people infected by the COVID-19. Especially in Italy and Spain, the number of deaths is increasing. The foreign countries are witnessing more new infections than China, where the outbreak has been basically brought under control. Taking America for example, the president Trump announced that the economy will be influenced a lot by the virus and he tried to call for attention that people should take their responsibilities. It is reported that many cities in USA had been closed. But there are still some people don’t coordinate and try to call for their freedom. What’s worse, people hurried to the supermarket to buy goods as much as possible. As a result, many stores are short of merchants. Kevin Durant, a famous basketball player of NBA, was infected by COVID-19 in March, 17th. Also, other three basketball players were also infected. Durant said that everyone would be better as long as we were careful enough and took care ourselves. Wearing surgical mask, not only for ourselves, but also for other people. In fact, before the ruthless virus, no one can escape. What we should do is to help each other and do what we can do. During the special times nowadays, we should all take responsibility and fight for this virus. We are hopeful that the virus will be defeated by ourselves and the fortune is waiting for us.

To gradually resume operation regularly, the Health Committee in Guangdong province gave some guidance for individual business. We should have enough preparations before the operation. For the different places, different actions should be taken. It is said that the high-risk areas just like the city of Guangzhou, Shenzhen should suspend all the entertainment venues and the catering places. People should not get together. If necessary, people should wear surgical mask to prevent the spread of virus. For the middle-risk areas just like the city of Zhongshan and Foshan, people should not get together also in public. They should have register and have body temperature monitoring. For the low-risk areas just like the city of Qingyuan, public areas van be opened regularly. But the disinfectant should not be ignored. Always keep the air clean and wash hands often. Only all the prevention is taken can we live more comfortably. When it comes to the individual business, merchants should make sure that all the preparations are made. Personnel training is necessary. For example, the people who are in charge of the work of body temperature monitoring should be trained. Workers in the store should also have some knowledge about how to prevent the virus. The protective equipment should also be prepared before the start of work. Taking the clothing store for example, you should try to shorten the time of wondering for consumers. Control the number of people when they come into the store. It is suggested that the price tag should be shown obviously for consumers so that they can quickly know how much they will pay. This can directly shorten the time when they are in the store.

The Guidance about Resuming Operation

What’s more important, always keep the environment clean and disinfect frequently. In the store, you should wash your hands frequently because you may have possibility to touch everywhere. People in the store are from anywhere. Washing your hands frequently can prevent you from the virus to some extent. What’s more, don’t touch your mouth or your nose and even your eyes. To get more fresh air, you can open the window or the door regularly to let the fresh air go in. What’s more, the washroom should be cleaned also. The exhaust fan in the washroom should be opened usually. In spite of these, the garbage disposal should not be ignored. For the different kinds of trash, they should be placed into different places. We know, the virus is easy to be produced near the areas of trash. Thus, keep the environment clean is also important. Clothing display racks in the clothing store should be cleaned as well. They are often touched by different people. You can use the disinfectant to clean them. Please pay attention to the texture of stainless-steel display racks, use the soft cloth and keep dry after cleaning them. If you clean them with the wet cloth, the display racks may be influenced by the water, which may be looked not beautiful. The Health Committee in Guangdong province gave us guidance about resuming operation. Maybe this can also be a good model for any other areas all over the world. To our benefit, we should obey the rules and take our responsibilities.

To be honest, not only for the individual business, the schools are also needed to be disinfected for the students and teachers are crowed with the school. The education sector tries to call people’s attention on this incident and suspend the classes in school. Students should not go to school. Now students can stay at home are have classes on the Internet. They can learn from their teachers by the videos and then finish the homework after. This is also a good idea to keep learning.

The Guidance about Resuming Operation

In conclusion, we should do what we can do according to the requirement of the leaders. We are in a community of common destiny and we should be united and have confidence to defeat this virus.

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Originally published 20 Mar 2020, updated 20 Mar 2020.

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