The Golden Time for Clothing Stores in a Year

28 Sep 2020

September is said to be the start month of the year about education. No matter for the pupil or the undergraduate, they are all ready to go to school. At this time, parents always feel relaxed after their children going to school. According to the authentic analysis, parents are more relaxed and happier after the children all going to school. What’s more, their need for purchasing is greatly increased, which is said to be the urge for shopping. September and October are the two prime months for clothing stores in a year. Certainly, clothing display racks are also the key time to be sold out meanwhile.

The Golden Time for Clothing Stores in a Year

Especially for the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are coming on the same day this year, people are looking forward to that day. To be honest, it provides more opportunities for the clothing practical retail stores. They have holidays and it is predicted that the number of travelers will increase. For these golden holidays, many merchants are trying hard to think about all kinds of sales promotion to stimulate the consumption. No matter for the product innovation, store display or the product discount, they can all be welcomed by the consumers. The biggest producer of crystal, Swarovski, announced that it will close 3000 stores and cut more than 6000 workers. The brand was founded 125 years before. Now it announced that it would have the plan of rebuilding. It is reported that Markus Langes-Swarovski, the family inheritor who has worked for 18 years in Swarovski, quit out of the board of directors.

Turning back to the clothing market all over the world in August, there are full of changes. At the first season in 2020, the export of clothes all around the world decreased a lot. In England, the need of clothing retail stores is continually rebounding, which is equally back to the level as the COVID-19 before. In America, the situation is getting worse. Many retailing stores are busy for the sales promotion in order to attract more consumers. As the online sale is growing, many merchants are forced to cut down the number of workers to save the economy. So many people are losing their jobs. Taking the Marks and Spencer for example, it cut about seven thousand working opportunities as the consuming point is turning to the shopping online. Well, there are always two sides of a coin. We have to also realize the advantages of the clothing market. There are some new clothing stores which have the new creative way of operation. For example, the combination of online sales and offline sales.

Lately, China International Fair for Trade in Services is held in Beijing, Sept.4th. The theme is about global services and shared prosperity. It is said to be the first international trade activities since the outbreak of COVID-19. It combines the way of online and offline which creates the special digital platform for the trade in services. There are more than 148 countries or regions participating in this activity. The fair for trade in services includes the four discussions about the new trend for the open development of trade in services, the new trend for development of digital trade, the cooperation between all countries about travel, the convenience of trade in service. In spite of this, there are also many creative works displayed in the hall, including the travel service, cultural service, sports service, education service, financial service and many more. What’s more, the robots are said to be the attractive spot in the display areas. There are about ten robots to serve people.

The Golden Time for Clothing Stores in a Year

People all over the world may be curious about why China decide to hold such international fair during the continuous situation of COVID-19. President Xi expressed that the earlier the trade in services is held, the earlier the world economic may be woken up. As we can see from the trade in services, China’s absolute attitude is shown by the world. We are strongly confident that we will try hard to create the prosperous harvest for the development of social economy. When it comes to the display design of this international fair, it is deserved to be learnt by many clothing stores. You, know, the well store display is beneficial to attract more consumers.

We are confident that the clothing market will be better than before. There is a famous women clothing brand named IMM, which was founded in 2008. It uses the luxury and creative clothes or other accessories to serve for the store display. It is predicted that it will become a new image among women clothing market in the later 2020. The IMM Gallery becomes the main design in the store. It combines the Chinese and western ideas to design. When people come into the store, they can firstly be attracted to this area. Without hesitation, it provides more possibilities for consumers to purchase clothes here. We know, only when consumers are interested in your store can you obtain more sales volume. What’s more, it emphasizes the art atmosphere. Thus, you can hear the wonderful sound of violin. It also called Opening Party. There are some models wearing the new clothes after the beginning show of the dancers. This can not only introduce the new products to consumers, but also create the art atmosphere in the store. In spite of this, the use of clothing display racks in the store is also commonly. They can also be the decorations certainly. So, the choice of clothing display racks should be matched with the store design of a store.

The Golden Time for Clothing Stores in a Year

Talking about the clothing display racks, generally speaking, they are the symbol of the clothes. You have to choose them carefully. Considering of the texture, colors, price and many more factors. Only when the display racks are used properly can they realize their values. So, what are you waiting for? You have to catch up with the golden time for clothing stores in a year. Come and tell us what you like. We will provide the wonderful service for you.

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Originally published 28 Sep 2020, updated 28 Sep 2020.

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