The Fascination of High-technology in Clothing Trade

08 Sep 2020

Currently, as the epidemic of COVID-19 spread all around the world, there are lots of uncertain factor in substantial economy. By the way, the trade dispute between China and America, the border clash between China and India bring difficulties to the substantial economy. To better stimulate the consumption, government is trying to take action just like encouraging the use of high-technology in clothing business. Certainly, the use of clothing display racks is also more widely with the development of the clothing market.

The Fascination of High-technology in Clothing Trade

According to the authentic report, 2020 is doomed to be the turbulent year in history. It is predicted that clothing market lost at least four hundred thousand million which all the correlate business are completely annihilated. So what is the plan for the later development in the future? We are trying to search for new ideas. Why not let us see more about the successful high-technology examples. The SM Town in Korea designed a huge water vat at the front gate. Imagine that, if you see such a wonderful design at the street, would you stop and then take some photos? Or you may also want to go into and satisfy your curiosity. Actually, this huge water vat, wave is designed by a famous digital art company. The digital screen is designed well which with about 20metres height and 80metres length. In spite of this, you can also hear the sound of wave which is similar to the real scene. It is said to be the combination of modern technology and the wonderful art. What I am trying to say is the fascination of high-technology used in business can be powerful. If our substantial stores use these creative ideas, consumers maybe crowed with your store.

In fact, the high-technology is also welcomed in some other fields. In Guangdong Shunde city, there is a robot restaurant opened in June 22ed. Robots are ready to work for people in 20 seconds. It is said to be the fastest speed for the robots. According to the introduction, there are more than 200 kinds of dishes at the restaurant and the robots are powerful enough to provide for nearly 600 consumers. The process is very convenient. When the consumers come into the restaurant, they can have their seat themselves. After the ordering, the robots can quickly start to cook the food and then the AGV cars will walk around the restaurant to serve the dishes for consumers. This can efficiently reduce the time for waiting. But there is still a question you may ask. Are the dishes delicious? Actually, you don’t need to worry about that. There are many kinds of data recorded in the computer of robots. The famous cook in China, Lin Chao said that robots can provide the delicious dishes even better than the dishes made by people. Thus, it is the wonderful experience eating at this kind of restaurant. You can not only enjoy the delicious dishes, but also have the chance to experience the surprising environment. High-technology is always welcomed by human. We are still looking forward to the further development with the advanced technology.

The Fascination of High-technology in Clothing Trade

To be honest, the high-technology is mentioned frequently since last year. The live broadcasting becomes the hot topic among people. Online broadcasting, as a new kind of media, influences people’s life gradually. Many traditional clothing business need to be innovated for a time. Otherwise, they will be far away from the current fashionable trend. According to some reports, a merchant owing a woman’s clothing shop expressed her feelings about the experience. She started to have the online broadcasting in the app of Douyin, which opened the selling road for its own clothing factory. She also said that the number of the products is not enough for the need of consumers. Basically, an online broadcasting lasting for three to six hours can successfully sell more than five thousand products. Merchants can win more consumers in the cheaper way to show their products. Consumers can directly observe the details of the products and also be more closed with the sellers. If they have any questions, they can quickly ask and then wait for the answers. This is also the example of using high-technology in clothing trade.

Actually, the AI designer has used in the area of clothing since 2017. Tianmao, has introduced FashionAI on the digital platform based on the colors, styles, details and many more about the clothes. To be clearer, it means that consumers can enjoy more than 100 clothing advice in one minute. Google had the cooperation with Zalando in Germany. They had introduced the Project Muse to public telling people about their interest. If that is a person who is interested in classical music or he or she is a little upset, the designer will design a dress which a brown gauzy. This can quickly shorten the time for people’s choice for clothes. If possible, there should be more high-technology used in any fields. All in all, the fascination of high-technology in clothing trade is wonderful for the society is always welcoming the new creative ideas. For the clothing trade, clothing display racks are also used meanwhile. They are the correlated factories. It means that if the clothing market is hopeful, the market of clothing display racks is also beneficial. We are looking forward to the new ideas and thinks. So, if you have any ideas about the design of clothing display racks, you can directly contact us and we will give you a satisfied answer.

The Fascination of High-technology in Clothing Trade

There is no denying that fact that the high-technology is widely used in any other fields. Not only for the clothing trade, but also the dining restaurant, just the robots restaurant is mentioned above, it is predicted that they will win more consumers in the quickly changeable society nowadays. If you catch up with the step of the society, you will find that there are always full of surprise around you. Opportunities are only for the prepared minds. Please remember and take action right now.

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Originally published 08 Sep 2020, updated 08 Sep 2020.

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