The Clothing Custom and Clothing Display Racks

28 Oct 2019

Custom is a particular way of behaving which has long been established, observed by individuals and social groups. Custom is a common practice among people, especially depending on country, culture, time and religion. As far as the clothing custom concerned, it has been changed as the time went by. And the clothing display racks are also various as the clothes are different.

From the view of modern clothes in the world, many famous clothes designers are from America, Japan, France or Italy. Thinking about that, China is a big country producing clothes but it is not the country having the famous clothes brand. There may be some important factors that Chinese designers may be lack of the creative ideas. They focus on the International fashion and then keep up others. We know, China is a country having profound history culture, which is useful for designers to produce our own clothes. Clothes are the product reflecting the human being’s wisdom. They are also the crystal of material civilization and spiritual civilization.

During the Han and Tang dynasties, Chinese clothes assimilate the external culture and then start to found the clothing culture in Han and Tang dynasties. After 1840, foreign culture mixed with Chinese culture appeared in many seaside cities. Especially in Shanghai, Chinese clothing is developing and even start to affect the world. As a country with abundant cultural history, we should combine it with the modern society. Make good use of the custom and never forget its region. Owning our special design and we will be different about other countries. Change the making into creating.

To be honest, what is custom? Recently, I learn a kind of custom in Florida from VOA. It is said that in Florida, there is a Bike Week for the bikers every year, which is the second largest Bike Week in the world. This kind of activity usually last for a month. And every year people come from all over the world. During the Bike Week, all the bikes will go to Daytona Beach where they have Bike Week. What we say biker only refers to someone who rides a motorcycle. Some people think that all bikers have long scraggly hair and tattoos and beards. You know, that's the stereotype of a biker. Talking about the activities on the Bike Week, people camp out. They will get here a week or so early and they have camping spots down there. Also, they will drive all over the place. The reason why people like to participate in this activity is that they can get together with their friends, family and fellow bikers, even if they don’t know each other. In a word, custom is a common practice among people. We can gain a lot from participating in activities. Custom is a common practice among people, especially depending on country, culture, time and religion.

Education is also another reflection of custom. There are two same kinds of stones, one is just a simple stone which people cannot easily find it, and the other is a carved stone. Think about, what is the people’s reaction to these two different stones. In fact, the sculpture to the stone is just like the education to the people. In another word, education shapes people just like the sculpture shapes the stones. The great use of a school education is not so much to teach you things as to teach you the art of learning. Even the ordinary children, as long as they accept the education, will become extraordinary person. Have you ever heard a story about a wolf child? Maybe most of you have known this example. He lived with the wolf when he was born. Unfortunately, he didn’t accept any education except for the wolf’s living skill, such as howling. When he was found by the human as a result, he even couldn’t communicate with people. From this example, we can conclude that education is of great significance to people especially to the children. Certainly, education can’t decide your life but it is the education that shapes your life. Just like the sculpture of the stone. Education is not only a way to gain knowledge, but also a way to promote our inner soul. And this is what the education all about. When babies come to the world, they are just like a blank paper. With education, they generally recognize what this world all about and acquire all kinds of living skill. It is the education that leads them to a brighter future. There is a good saying from Edison that education is to people what sculpture is to the stone. In my point of view, I can’t agree more. A stone is not distinguished by its provenance, but by its extraordinary sculpture, so a person is not distinguished by his birth, but by his acquired education. It doesn’t matter you even don’t know about the custom about the clothes. Just learn and try to do it, you will be more creative in designing clothes.

So it can be said that we should learn more and practice more. You know, practice makes perfect and it is not too late to learn. Only when we gain knowledge and make god use of the custom can we create a better life. Designing clothes and making good use of the clothing display racks, which is a wise choice.

With the rapid development of society, clothes are various for different ages of people. From this way, the clothing custom and the clothing display racks are very important. We should retain our national features. As we know, customers firstly see the design of the clothes and the display racks. If they think it is good, they will start to check the clothes and then try it on and even buy it. So why not learn more about our clothing custom and the skills of choosing clothing display racks. It will help you win more customers and make your clothes be welcomed by people. The clothing custom and clothing display racks are the good tools to sell your clothes.

The Clothing Custom and Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 28 Oct 2019, updated 28 Oct 2019.

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