Opportunities for Clothing Stores during the outbreak of Coronavirus

09 Apr 2020

It is predicted by some professors that after the end of coronavirus, some industries will be developed rapidly, including the barber shop, clothing store, car industry, online education or any more. Taking the clothing store for example, the mode of operation is needed to have transformation for the industry is upgrading. clothing display racks are still used for showing the clothes for the live broadcast, which means the online sales is going to become the new trend.

Opportunities for Clothing Stores during the outbreak of Coronavirus

Firstly, the new opportunities for online sales. Impacted by the COVID-19, the clothing market is now meeting the great challenges from production to the sell. Meanwhile, there is also some opportunities for product promotion. Many clothing brands are trying to have industry transformation and upgrading. Recently, reported by Hang Zhou TV station, the women’s clothing brand, JAC at the small town of Yi Shang, achieved good results by online sales. It is a popular brand which owns more than hundreds of subbranches in other cities. The number of workers is more than five hundred. Under the pressure, they think out the new ideas for clothes selling. At the store, there are still all kinds of clothes on the clothing display racks which are waiting for people to choose. To introduce the clothes to consumers as much as possible, they have the live broadcast at the store. The model is wearing the clothes and there is also a designer nearby who is in charge of the introduction about the clothes.

Actually, at the normal time, before the outbreak of coronavirus, the online sale is also existing and the profit is only 5 percent of the gross profit. Now, during the coronavirus, they have the live broadcast three or four times a week. Also, every live broadcast last for at least six hours. As the manager of the store says, the sales volume was about 3-million-yuan last week, which was said to be the surprise at these special times. While, many merchants are still worried about the sales volume of the physical store. So, the help of the government is very important. As the general manager of the brand of JAC says, they are lucky to stay in the town of Yi Shang to enjoy the preferential policy of reducing the rent. Also, the tax returns are beneficial to their continual development.

Secondly, it boosts the transformation and upgrading of the products. From what have been discussed above, online sale is becoming a new trend among people and consumers are satisfied with the introduction of products. Without hesitation, where there is need, there is possibility. So, the products are also needed to be upgraded for the new need. In some of the cities, the clothing designers design the clothes with the protective materials which can prevent the spread of the virus. This is also the new idea for them and the clothes are introduced to consumers. Thus, always keep up with the step of the society. Also, never forget your new ideas. Consumers are satisfied or even surprised with your creative products.

Opportunities for Clothing Stores during the outbreak of Coronavirus

Thirdly, consumers can know about the products more comprehensively. From the live broadcast, consumers can also see and hear the introduction about the clothes. What’s more, they can look back although the live broadcast is end. This is convenient for somebody who doesn’t have much spare time to use it. If they have any questions, they can also leave a message to ask the designer. The designer will answer them and give them suggestions. In order words, people can know about the products more comprehensively. Only when they have enough interest in the clothes can they continue to take order for the clothes. As far as the merchant concerned, this is also the way to boost the product promotion. People can just sit before the video and can know more about the clothes including the ideas of design, way of collocation and many more. This new trend of online sales is warmly welcomed by many consumers.

Fourthly, the enjoyment of preferential policy by government. To better resume the production, government take their responsibility and decide to have some preferential policy for the industry. For the clothing store, it is also a good opportunity for it to resume operation. Just like reducing the rent, have tax return, although there is not too much money, it is an opportunity for the store to have confidence to meet the challenge. People are thinking about the new way to continue to participate on the work. And they have full confidence to have the continual development for the future. They are considering the working plan for the next period. In spite of that, when it comes to the welfare of the workers, he also claims that the workers are sure to be returned by the scheduled journey for free so that they can return to work on time. Certainly, the rental allowance is also available for workers.

In spite of that, people’s aware of personal hygiene and the ability of stockpiling materials will be enhanced a lot. People would also like to search for more jobs which can make full use of their spare time. For some of the factories, the degree of automation will also be enhanced so that people cannot always depend on the manual labor. What’s more, the new working style will also appear as the time went by. For example, telecommuting will become a new focus for everyone. We can say that the challenges and opportunities may appear meanwhile and we should catch any opportunities to have the further development.

Opportunities for Clothing Stores during the outbreak of Coronavirus

In conclusion, For the clothing store, the new way of online sale is also the new idea to boost the sales volume. Clothes and the clothing display racks are still the power tools for the store. During the outbreak of the coronavirus, many stores are impacted or even lose a lot. But don’t be disappointed. What we should do is to think about the new solutions to meet the challenges.

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Originally published 09 Apr 2020, updated 09 Apr 2020.

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