Marketing Analysis on clothing display racks

02 Aug 2020

According to the newest report by Oliver Wyman, the profit of clothing market in China will decrease 600 hundred million dollars. This result is from the questionnaires by one thousand Chinese consumers before. They have ever bought the clothes or shoes in 2019 but seldom in 2020. In other words, the clothing market is affected a lot for the time, which is the same with the market of clothing display racks. However, Oliver Wyman also predicts that the clothing market will pull through just like before for the later 2020. That is also the good news for us.

Marketing Analysis on clothing display racks

Due to the situation of coronavirus is getting better and better, different cities in China have gradually take the action of stimulating consumption as much as possible since April. For example, as reported, the government in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou promoted the festival of consumption, which is the day for consumers to buy something and get some discounts. There is no doubt that it really attracted more consumers to the stores and buy something. What’s more, other cities also try hard to stimulate the consumption by giving out the consumption coupons. Oliver Wyman, the global management consultancy company, also referred that the clothing market didn’t meet the retaliatory consumption in the past April and May. The reason maybe the people are conservative about the consumption. We know, different kinds of people have different ideas about the consumption. They have to consider the wealth they have. Among all the consumers who are interviewed, there are 68 percent consumers who get the salary between 5 thousand and 25 thousand. And others owe at least 25 thousand which are considered as the group owes high salary. It can be said that the polarization in clothing market is more and more clearly. The distance between high salary group and the low salary group is getting bigger.

Everything is possible. Though there are some challenges for the clothing market, it is still hopeful and potential. Taking a successful clothing brand for example, MUHOUJIXIANG, it is a brand for the middle-aged or the old-aged people. Nowadays, the fashion is not only for the young. More and more middle-aged or old-aged people prefer to catch up with the fashion and want to show their beautiful images. Most of them are satisfied with the life they have, which they can have time to follow what the like. Thus, now the market is appearing more funny products for the old people. The clothes for them are the valuable products which is deserved to be researched. MUHOUJIXIANG, it is a brand which focus on satisfying the middle-aged or old-aged people’s need. There are some specialties for the brand. Firstly, comfortability. We know, when we wear the clothes, what we feel is really important especially for the old people. So, this brand of clothes is designed a little big and simple which people can feel comfortable when they wear on. The material of the cloth is also healthy for them. Secondly, proper color. The color for old people is not supposed to be very fresh and charming. Commonly, the color which is dark or grey is proper. Certainly, for the special important occasions, there are also some fresh color for them.

Marketing Analysis on clothing display racks

Talking about the clothing market, there is a famous saying that you should focus on Guangzhou in spring and summer, while focus on Hangzhou in autumn and winter. They are both the famous cities with clothing market for merchants to purchase the clothes. Compared with 2019, there are great changes in 2010. On one hand, the famous brands such as La Chapelle, TOREAD have to be closed for the trouble in expansion. On the other hand, ANTA, LI-NING have great progress in brand development for the reason that they both have opportunity to show on the international fashion show. So, we can say the clothing market in 2020 is also hopeful. There is some new trend that we should catch up with. Firstly, online sales. Li Jiaqi, as we know, the famous internet celebrity who has ability to get the sales volume at least 500 million in 25 minutes during double 11 by online sales. What’s more, with the 5G era is coming, online sales can be seen as the new trend in clothing selling. Secondly, the cooperation between different IP. We know, the cooperation is better than the single one. For example, people are crazy about the clothes which are jointly with Uniqlo and KAWS. They have much opportunities to win the consumers. Thirdly, people are more interested in the designed-well clothing store. With the rapid development of the social economy, consumers also have their new ideas for shopping. They start to focus on the images of the store. Thus, it is significant to have the wonderful store display to attract more consumers.

How to have the well store display? That is the function of clothing display racks. They are the useful display tools in the clothing store which we should not neglect them. For example, different kinds of clothes should be placed at different places. You have to make the consumers know about your store and they can be active to choose their favorite clothes. Maybe you are curious about how to choose the best clothing display racks for your store. Actually, you can consider the texture and the size. Our products are durable and wonderful enough for the store display. We are responsible for the famous clothing brand just like the Youngor and Goldlion. I believe that you will be satisfied with our service.

Marketing Analysis on clothing display racks

From what have been discussed above, we can conclude that the clothing market nowadays is still hopeful. In other words, the market of clothing display racks is also potential. If you are confident about what you do and work hard, it will be successful one day. Where there is a will, there is a way. Let’s look forward to the future. Last but not least, come and give us your great ideas about the store display. We will offer you the best clothing display racks.

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Originally published 02 Aug 2020, updated 02 Aug 2020.

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