How to Style Your Clothing Stores this Winter

18 Sep 2020

How to Style Your Store or Outlet this Winter? As we know that people are choosier when it comes to dressing and style in winters because winter’s dresses are more diverse than summers. The ways of designing a clothing store also change in this season. You must design your shop to catch the supreme attention of customers in the winter. The combination of colors also comes into action in winters as in summers, people mostly prefer lite colors. But in winters, people have control over almost everything. Clothing brands take full advantage of this nature of humans and introduce their winters collection accordingly. No matter how much diversity a brand brings in its winter collection or how stylish its products are, all these things are useless if the winter items are not presented properly to the customers. This is the prime reason that Clothing Display Racks and the way of their styling is more important in winters than in summers. Every clothing brand designs its clothing display racks according to its variety of clothes or by the quality of the clothes they possess. There are many ways to style a clothing store in the winter. A few of them are discussed below.

How to Style Your Clothing Stores this Winter

Here are the ways you should “Style Your Clothing Store or Outlet this Winter”:

Modify Your Mannequins:

The first thing you need to do for changing the trends of your clothing outlet in winters is to modify the mannequins and style them according to winter outfits. Give the people easy access to the items they’re looking for like coats, jackets, long coats, scarfs, and uppers. Style your mannequins with coats and jackets that reflect your winter collection or with your signature outfits of winter collection. It’s the best way to style the mannequin as the customers are already looking for stuff like jackets and coats. If you give easy access to this stuff to the customer’s eyes, there are maximum chances of the customer of being impressed by the outfit. Torso-only mannequins can also be used to hang more stuff on the walls by occupying minimum space.

This type of styling also helps customers to contrast your outfits easily with the ones they’ve already seen. You can also add hats, boots, and gloves to the mannequins for a clear approach. If you want a more specific style, you can just hang the winters outfits with walls to gain maximum benefits, don’t forget to set kids mannequins to bring them in consideration of your customer towards kids wear.

Choose Materials Wisely:

Winters outfits are heavier and need to be more contrasting with the materials they’re placed on. Clothing stores retailers also reconsider the materials with which they hang the outfits. For winters, strong wood hangers are used to hang coats and heavy leather materials. Some retailers customize the hangers and fixtures according to the color and shape of the outfits. It creates a fresh look at the store for winters as most of the frequent visiting customers might feel boring by watching the same stuff again and again.

There’s a variety of materials available in the market from which you can choose the best one for your store. You can also adopt these material swapping methods to enhance the look of your store for winters.

How to Style Your Clothing Stores this Winter

Highlight the Signature Products:

As mentioned above, every brand has some signature products in its every collection to show to the customers. Most of the focus of the brands is upon their signature products. In winters, the value of these products is increased further as retailers can add more outfits in the signature products than in summers. People search for jackets and coats more often in winters so you must place all your best collections of this type of stuff in easy access of the customers.

Signature products are the ones that or used in banners and offers so they must be highlighted well in the store as most of the customers walk in because of them. They see the special winter outfits on display screens or boards, that’s why their mind is always looking for those signature products in your store as well. You must highlight them in the best way for the customers.

Color Selection of Outfits in Winters:

The selection of colors matters a lot in your winter collection as people love to wear their favorite colors in winters as in summers, they only have to stick with lite colors. Therefore, many clothing store owners add bright and dark colors in their winter line up to attract the audience. You must make the finest combination of your jackets and shirts for your audience with the best colors. Human psychology also affects the preference of colors in the winters. As people are calmed and relaxed in winters, bright or dark colors with stylish shades attract them the most. These colors also make your skin tone look fare in the winters. Use blue, red, some shades of yellow, black, and other bright colors shade to design your outfits. You can also use these colors in advertisements and boards. Style your clothing store with these colors scheme this winter and see how they work in your favor.

Add Extra Outfits in Your Clothing Stores this Winter:

Most of the clothing brands and retailers add some additional items in their collection in addition to the main outfits. These include hats, scarves, wraps, woolen socks, mufflers, and gloves. These extras are important in a way because many customers look for these items as well after buying jackets or coats to cover their neck and head. Some customers use these items to enhance their look by using them as a highlight of their outfit. That’s why it’s optimal to add these items in your store as it’ll allow the customer to interact with everything, they need without searching store to store. But one thing must be kept in mind while executing the plan of adding these extra outfits, you must place them on flat surfaces or tables so they can be seen easily.

You can also hang your hats and small-sized winter collection items on grid-walls or hangers. See the article “Best Ways to Style a Clothing Display Rack” for having a better idea about how to store the small-sized items and other outfits in the racks, and which are the appropriate areas to place them.

How to Style Your Clothing Stores this Winter

A better conclusion would be that clothing store owners must take advantage of winters by making their stores best-looking in the season.

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Originally published 18 Sep 2020, updated 18 Sep 2020.

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