Discussions about Live Broadcast for Clothing Stores

13 Sep 2020

Under the current situation, workers in all kinds of fields gradually become the anchors, which shape the new image in the social development. Well, for this new trend, different people hold different attitudes towards it. Some are interested in it. Others may be not interested in it or even be fed up with it. For the clothing stores, there are many clothing sellers prefer to welcome the new consumers by the way of online sale rather than sell in the practical stores. For this reason, the need for clothing display racks is also different.

Discussions about Live Broadcast for Clothing Stores

There is a clothing online seller who said that when she started the live broadcasting, the number of consumers online was more than the number of consumers who consumed in the practical stores. In fact, in the service business, shopkeepers are trying hard to remain their consumers by all kinds of ways. For example, the restaurant depends on the live broadcast to attract more consumers to focus on the delicious meal. In the live show, consumers have opportunity to chat with the chef or they can even make their favorite taste. For the gym, trainers can also teach their trainees by the way of live broadcast. In 2019, Li Jiaqi and Weiya are the famous online sellers in the field of fashion. Almost everyone knows their names because of their talents in product promotion. It is said that the sales volume can be up to 62 million in an hour. It is natural for them to have the celebrity in society. According to the authentic data in Taobao, the number of new merchants is increasing to 719 percent. People also pay more attention to the live broadcast. It seems that the new way of online economy is speeding up. Actually, this new kind of style of economy is shaped as the impact of COVID-19. Some of the people are interested or become crazy about the live broadcast in clothing business.

Well, to better boost the development of live broadcast in clothing business, there is also some wonderful advice for you. Firstly, we need to consider the choice of side. It is said that a successful live place is full but bot crowded. This can not only make the consumers feel the full stocks, but also have the comfortable view for the nice environment. By the way, the size of the place should also be controlled in the proper range. For the clothing stores, the size of 10 to 20 square meters is enough. In spite of this, you have to also check the state of sound insulation and the aftersound in the live broadcast areas. Only when these all things are ready enough can the live broadcast be wonderful for consumers. Secondly, you have to also consider the space display. Most of the areas of live broadcast for clothing companies are decided to set in the office or the in the hall. To be more clearly, a nice live broadcast space includes the hall, office, working areas, central control areas, resting areas and many more. Thirdly, pay attention to the design of route. It should be properly and conveniently for people to walk around. Under the proper design of lighting and the wonderful equipment, the consumers can have more opportunities to know about the clothes.

Discussions about Live Broadcast for Clothing Stores

However, there are still some of the people who hold different attitudes toward it. They think selling products by live broadcast may bring some bad results including the false information, bad quality or the difficulties in fighting for rights after selling. Talking about the live broadcast, some of the anchors may decide to spend money in attracting more fans. Just before a few days, there was a tea dealer who occupied the top search for the investment of fifty thousand but get zero sales volume. This is what we cannot easily find as usual but it really exists. No wonder somebody may be negative about this new trend of shopping. Just before, there were some consumers interviewed by the journalist. They said that the reason why they didn’t choose to complain is that the products they got from the live broadcast were often cheap and they were lazy to figure about the loss. What’s more, the procedure after sales is also complicated as far as they are concerned. Thus, they will not choose to complain about it generally. In reality, there are really some anchors that are not responsible for their own products. They focus on the money they will get. With the hot trend of live broadcast, there are also some other business come into it. This may offer opportunities for some lawbreakers. If the merchants or the sellers are worrying about the sales volume, they may easily get into their trap. So please be careful under such condition of economy.

However, any new thing has its reason to appear. They are connected with the current development of society. After all, there are changes in different times. What we should do is to catch up with the new trend and try to be the positive person towards it. When it turns to the reason of the live broadcast in clothing business nowadays, there should be few reasons. Without hesitation, the direct reason is the influence of COVID-19. People have to stay at home for a time and this can stimulate their need for consumption. And then is the communication. Consumers need to connect with the anchors to know more about the clothes, including the size, colors, quality and many more. In clothing stores, when the anchors are starting their live show, clothing display racks are also necessary. They need to make consumers believe that the clothes are wonderful enough for them to purchase.

Discussions about Live Broadcast for Clothing Stores

To be brief, for clothing business, there may include both the advantages and disadvantages about live broadcast. Just like every coin have two sides. What we can do is to accept it and even be the positive holder of it. Also, be careful about your personal information and learn to protect yourself. Only when you take all these into consideration can you find that there are always opportunities around you. If you have any ideas about clothing display racks, please contact us and we are always there waiting for you.

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Originally published 13 Sep 2020, updated 13 Sep 2020.

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