Design Idea of Wedding Dress Clothing Display Racks One

24 Sep 2019

The design concept of wedding dress clothing display racks are to hang wedding dress on the racks with high, stable, good load-bearing, high-end modelling and high-grade.

Jack Smith: Hello, I'm from an XX American company. We are a chain brand of wedding dresses. Now I have an 800 square wedding dress hall. I need to customize the clothing display racks of wedding dresses. We will change and try the new style. If this design suits our brand, we will update the wedding dress clothing display racks of all the chain stores.

Melissa Lian: Hello,I am Melissa LIAN, the owner of Foshan Nanhai NRDISPLAY Hardware Factory. Do you have any details about the store?

Jack Smith: Yes, I'll show you. According to the situation of our shop, please help us design it. Thank you.

A few minutes later...

Melissa Lian: I've read the basic information about your company. Do you have any requirements for the clothing display rack?

Jack Smith: First, to be stable, second, to be high-end atmosphere.

Melissa Lian: Which material to choose? 201 stainless steel or iron?

Jack Smith: 201 stainless steel, matte gold.

Melissa Lian: Okay, just a minute, I'll let the designer design one for you to see if it's what you think.

Jack Smith: OK.

Ten minutes later...

Melissa Lian: We designed this wedding dress display rack through your company's on-site situation and your request. Considering the weight and length of the wedding dress, we design the display racks of the wedding dress in this way. The height is 2 meters. This height can display the length of the wedding dress perfectly, and will not shrink in a group. Considering the weight of the wedding dress and the height of 2 meters, and according to the scene, all the racks are made to support the foot and fixed on the wall, so that no matter how many wedding dresses are, no matter how many wedding dresses are,they will very stable.On the other hand, considering the overall grade and luxury of displaying wedding dress skirt pendulum and wedding dress display racks, we have designed the steel plate base, which makes the whole rack different grade, but also highlights the nobility and beauty of the wedding dress. What else do you need to be modified?

Jack Smith: Wow, this wedding dress display rack is so beautiful, and it's very upscale. But I want to add anti-scratch strips to prevent clothes racks from scratching clothes display racks, so that clothing display racks remain aesthetic.

Melissa Lian: Oh,sorry, this anti-scratch strips is available. The design is missing to show it. It's revised right away. Our type of clothing display racks will be equipped with anti-scratch strips to prevent scratch clothing display rack.

Jack Smith: No problem. Just make it according to update design.

Design Idea of Wedding Dress Clothing Display Racks One

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Originally published 24 Sep 2019, updated 24 Sep 2019.

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