Cultural Spirit in Fashion Business

23 Sep 2020

Without hesitation, clothing which contains abundant cultural spirit or atmosphere is the kernel of fashion business. It offers more possibilities and opportunities for many other businesses. clothing display racks can also be seen as the cultural transporters to convey the connotation of design to consumers. With the progress of the society, consumers’ need of cultural spirit is growing.

Cultural Spirit in Fashion Business

Taking the women’s clothes for example, the rapid development of Internet and the change of women’s consumption concept produce the new business model in society. People pay more attention to the cultural spirit. We know, culture and art can never be separated from fashion. They share the same destiny. That is what we mean creativity. There is a clothing brand called Pink and Blue Fashion. The founder Mr. Li tried to combine the culture and clothing brand since it was first founded. In 2012, the Pink and Blue Fashion found the art group among the workers to convey the branding concept of finding the beauty of art in life. In spite of that, in 2015, it also performed a wonderful fashion show in Shenzhen. In 2016, it firstly expressed the beauty of art between women. As we can see, the cultural atmosphere is stronger and stronger as the time went by. In this store, except for the sales of clothing brand, it also owns a mini professional coffee shop with an art group. They are trying hard to lead the fashion to our daily life. What’s more important, we can feel the comfortable cultural atmosphere in this store. That is the beauty of art.

Certainly, we have to emphasize that the Pink and Blue Fashion not only focus on the field of thinking, but also focus on the practical operation. In a word, the development of economic also helps the development of fashion. What’s more, the development of fashionable atmosphere also can stimulate the further development of market. In nowadays society, we need cultural spirit to release our bad moods.

Lately, a famous brand of shoes, Daphne, announced that it would totally retreat from the practical retail business. When it comes to the performance, Daphne expressed that the sales volume greatly decreased since June 30th, 2019. Without hesitation, the outbreak of COVID-19 has the direct influence on the operation. Looking back to the development of the brand of Daphne, it was founded in 1990 which mainly focused on the production of women shoes. It is said that it was one of the most successful brands in China. However, as the time went by, it was not so successful as before. The great loss directly resulted into the decrease of stores. In this condition, Daphne is also trying hard to save the brand. It claims that it will pay more attention to the online sales in the future. There is also one reason that the design of shoes of Daphne is not so fashionable towards the rapid changeable market. Consumers will not be satisfied with the old or unchangeable products. It means that product innovation is also the key point for the continuable development of the brand. Some of the people also expressed that they had ever seen Daphne as their dreamy shoes. Now it truly had difficulties and it is a pity for some of the people. What I am trying to say is the cultural spirit of the brand is really important for consumers.

Cultural Spirit in Fashion Business

However, not only for the market of shoes, the clothing market also shares the same destiny. Since the official establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone 40 years ago, the city has pioneered China’s reform and opening-up and in the process undergone a rags-to-riches transformation. At a symposium with social scientists on Monday, President Xi Jinping again called for deeper reforms and greater openness to facilitate the new dual circulation development pattern featuring the domestic market as the mainstay with foreign markets complementing it. We are in the society which includes many changes nowadays.

Generally speaking, branding culture is a powerful tool to build the wonderful images for products. Taking the Rolls-Royce for example, it is seemed that it has surpassed the meaning the car itself. It becomes the symbol of status. What’s more, Champion, a famous clothing brand, conveys the theme of fashion and young. As we can see in the subway, the young wear the hat or clothes of this brand. It is predicted that this brand is going to make influence among people. So, how to build the branding culture? Firstly, the products should be qualified enough to attract more consumers. To be briefly, the products should own the function to satisfy consumers’ need. Only when you let the consumers get close to you can you shape your branding culture. For example, the vehicle-mounted fridge can help people tackle the problem of freezing in short distance. So when people drive to travel, they may quickly think of this fridge. Secondly, you have to also focus on the spirit of the product. It means that the branding spirit deserves people to remember. For example, IPhone stands for the creative culture. People would like to get one to enjoy its cloture spirit hidden in the products.

Clothing display racks also need to be mentioned. As we know, they are the store display in a clothing store. When it comes to the cultural spirit in Fashion business, they can be the appropriate roles to convey the cultural spirit. With the help of clothing display racks, the clothes are even much more attractive. The art of display is also the key factor to upgrade the store or even your products.

Cultural Spirit in Fashion Business

In conclusion, we are in a society which has much possibilities and changes. What we need to do is doing something to catch up with the new ideas. People will not be satisfied with only the physical world. What’s more, they also pursue the mental world. That is the reason why we emphasize the cultural spirit in fashion business. Creating the cultural atmosphere in a clothing store can help you. Why not consider choosing the wonderful clothing display racks?

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Originally published 23 Sep 2020, updated 23 Sep 2020.

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