Clothing Design and Clothing Display Racks

08 Jan 2020

Design is about a planning or an imagination that express to others through the form of vision. Since we are in the age of civilization, human being tries to change the world and create the physical and mental treasure. Among which, the main activity is to create the material. We can say that design is a forward planning for the materials. Taking the clothes for example, different designers have different designs about the clothes. Only after the clothes are designed can the clothing display racks work. They both have the correlation.

Let’s talk about the process of the clothing design. As its name means, first we should have a plan for the design. Then, according to the plan of design, we should make the pattern and draft. Lu Xun, a litterateur and the ideologist in China, had great effect to the later generations. He had ever said something about the design. When he was thinking how to design his house, he wrote to Li Xiaofeng that his desk needn’t be designed especially. But the three words must be stayed forever. Only when you had the design could you start to work. From this example, we can conclude that the it is of great significance to plan for design. With the development of modern technology and the knowledge society is coming, designing is also enlarging to more different fields.

Clothing Design and Clothing Display Racks

Nothing can be more specific than the design of clothes. Basically, clothes are the articles of daily use. On one hand, they can cover human being’s body. For another, clothes are also an artwork that can coalesce the whole social history and culture. The definition of clothes is that it is a state after the clothes are worn. So, the design of clothes should not only consider the cloth itself, but also consider the people who wear the clothes. That is what the clothing design all about. The design of clothes unlike the design of engineering, it focusses on the feeling and the beauty. And due to there are different ages of people, designer should also take this into consideration. They need to design the clothes according to their ages or their hobbies.

The classification of clothes can be listed as follows. For the suit of clothes, there are dresses. Also, the collocation of shirt and jeans are good. For the overcoat, there are raincoat and many others. For the trousers, there are jeans, shorts, pants. The casual wearing and the formal wearing are also different. At home, we will choose the comfortable and soft clothes. When we are at work or we are on the important occasions, we will choose the formal clothing, such as shirts and jeans. No matter what kind of clothes, they all have their hidden meanings. In this way, the clothing display racks can play a role of express these meanings to customers.

Clothing Design and Clothing Display Racks

The clothing display racks should be used properly. Clothes must be classified clearly. It is convenient for the customers to choose the clothes. There is a good example that in a store, a customer wanted to buy a bottle of beer. When he got closed to the beer, he noticed there is also a can opener nearby. Later, he bought a bottle of beer as well as the can opener. At last, he also remembered that he was going to invite his friend to his house. And he found that there were many elegant glasses. So, he bought them without hesitation. Let’s think about that, at first, he just wanted to buy a bottle of glasses, but finally he bought two other things. What makes him do that? It is the skill of display. Place the correlate stocks together and provide them to the customers. That is a wise choice. These examples can be seen commonly actually. When we go to the supermarket, there are all kinds of stocks that we all want to buy. At first maybe you don’t know what to buy before you enter in the supermarket. But when you see the decorations and the way of display, you just can’t control yourself. That is the same to the clothing store. To be honest, the watches, belt, hats, glasses or the necklace can also be sold well in the clothing stores. It is the reason of matching. Many clothes need to be matched with all kinds of accessories. If you know that, the sales may be increased a lot. Even the two kinds of thing that have no connection, they can also be connected through some special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day. On this day, the flowers and the chocolate are easy to sale. But in common, they haven’t had any connection. It is the Valentine’s Day that connect them together. So put the chocolate near the flowers. It is convenient for the customers to buy them both. They don’t waste the time to think what other thing can buy, right?

Clothing Design and Clothing Display Racks

After the clothes are designed by the designers, they need to be shown before customers’ eyes. That is the way of display. Clothing display racks are the direct way to introduce the product to customers. Whether the clothing display racks are good or not can directly have a great effect on the sale of clothes. Never let your clothes to be waited for customers’ attention. You should be the leader and lead customers to know more about the clothes with the use of clothing display racks. As the display racks are various, you should also have the valid understanding about that. You had better choose different kinds of display racks so that you can express the designer’s thinking well. If the clothes’ designing aims are not expressed, the value of clothes may decrease.

The connection between clothing design and the clothing display racks are very important. We can’t ignore that. different designers have different designs about the clothes. Only after the clothes are designed can the clothing display rack work. Meanwhile, the clothing display racks ca afford the clothes a space to show to customers.

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Originally published 08 Jan 2020, updated 08 Jan 2020.

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