Banquet Dress Clothing Display Racks

09 Sep 2019

When it comes to full dresses, the first feeling is noble and elegant! And in the dress hall, good dress clothing display racks can highlight the characteristics of dress as much as possible! As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle is the truth.

Our dress display racks are the simple style, but the utilization rate is very high. However,concise but not simple, there is no excessive trivial accessories can better highlight the elegance and nobility of the dress!

The dress clothing display rack in the shape of the middle castle is decorated with the simple but magnificent dress display racks on both sides. As the name implies, the castle reminds people of beautiful fairy tales, including princes and princesses, so that customers can be better visually attracted to stay for the dress!

Our dress clothing display racks which are made by 201# stainless steel with matte gold is fixed on the floor and on the wall. No matter how heavy and how many the dress is, it can hang firmly on the rack without collapse.

The height of the hanging pole of this dress clothing display rack is 2 meters, which can fully display the long dress, so that customers can have a direct feeling of the dress, and the simple style can also save you money in material and cost.

Choosing such the dress clothing display racks is believed to be your wise choice!

Banquet Dress Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 09 Sep 2019, updated 09 Sep 2019.

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