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Almost all the clothing stores have the glass-fronted billboard, we also call the window display. It can be said that it is the most conspicuous place for consumers’ first impression. So, it is of great significance to have the wonderful design for it. The clothes and the clothing display racks are needed certainly. Also, some other decorations are necessary as well. We are the professional factory to produce the clothing display racks for you.

To begin with, let’s know more about the window display in the store. It is the window which can show the image of the brand. Meanwhile, it is the important bridge to introduce the products to the market. People can probably know more about your products according to the display of the window. So, you have to show the most attractive products which can stand for the style of your store. If you can catch consumers’ attention by the window display, you will be hopeful that consumers may get into your store and it is beneficial for the sales volume. We know, well begun, half done. As we know, merchants in Europe pay much attention to the window display and it is helpful for their clothing market. In our country, now we are following the trend and also want to have the well design of the window display. We should also make full use of the window and have the great design of it.

Our Design

Why it is important to have the window display? You may ask. Actually, from what have been discussed above, it is not difficult for us to conclude that if you have the better design of window display, you are more possible to win more consumers. A clothing store without the window display is just like the people without hair. It will be looked insipid. In other words, if you have the wonderful design of window display, your store will be more energetic and creative in people’s eyes. This is also the reason why we always want to have the new hair style after a period of time. We want to be fresh and energetic. What’s more, we want to be accepted and remembered by somebody. It is important to be different with others. We are the special one and we are the unique. Thus, just have the nice design for your window display.

However, how to have the good design of window display? Firstly, exaggeration. No matter what kind of products in your store, you have to catch people’s attention first. Taking the clothing brand of DIESEL for example, it is the famous jeans brand in Italy. The window display is quite surprising that it designs the scene of car accident that the car is rushing into the store. Generally speaking, this kind of design can get people together and catch their attention. This can make them focus on the clothes nearby. Secondly, the decoration of animals. We know, the animal can give people a sense of nature and it is proper to show the nature of clothes. Just like the clothing brand of H&M, it is the abbreviation of Hennes & Mauritz. The window display chooses the animal of a big fox, which can show the fur clearly. Nearby are the wonderful clothes. This can quickly lead consumers to the style of the store. Certainly, there are also many other creative designs.

Our Factory

We have ever produced the nice clothing display racks for the clothing brand of Goldlion and Youngor. They use the clothing display racks to decorate the window display and it wins more consumers certainly. You have to decide the number of the display racks according to the size of the window. Commonly, one or two clothing display racks with the clothes are suitable for the window display. With other decorations just like the flowers, balloons, it will be more attractive. You have to also consider the style of your store. If the products in your store are mainly for the young women, why not choose the wonderful artworks or the beautiful flowers? If the products in your store are mainly for the men, you can use some wine bottles or the magazines, car models in it, which may arise people’s interest in it.

In a word, just use your creative mind and have the better design of your store. I am sure that you will be thankful for your diligent pay. Well begun, half done. Only when you have great passion in it can your consumers feel it and get interested in your products. If you have any ideas, welcome to contact us and we will give you the wonderful answer and produce the nice and practical clothing display racks for you.

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