ZOFIA Women's Clothing Store

Project Name

ZOFIA Women's Clothing Store


Nanjing, Jiangsu, China


Product Category

Wall-mounted clothing display rack, Nakajima clothing display rack

Preliminary Project

Now that clothing stores are full of streets and alleys, how do you stand out among the many clothing stores? This is a branded women's clothing store, mainly selling high-quality women's clothing. The physical store has a square layout and a unique decoration style. In order to highlight the characteristics of the clothing, the design of the clothing display rack must be simple and attractive.

Project Design

According to the requirements of the shopkeeper and the spatial distribution of the physical store, we designed a wall-mounted clothing display rack and a Nakajima clothing display rack. We have made innovations on the traditional single clothing display rack and added new elements. For example: a layered display rack is designed on the wall-mounted clothing display rack, so that it will not be boring and single, and the use of the clothing display rack is more flexible. In the Nakajima area, a unique display stand and a Nakajima clothing display stand with a bottom plate are designed to match the model's dress and make people shine.

Actual Result

After installing the clothing display rack designed by us, the whole shop has its own unique style and eye-catching effect, which is what we expect! The unique shape of the display rack will definitely give people a bright feeling, so that people are interested in paying attention to the clothes on the display rack. Shoes, handbags, accessories, etc. can also be displayed on the shelf display rack to provide customers with a complete wearing experience.

Project Summary

In modern society, competition is fierce, and no matter what industry you do, you must have innovative ideas and unique practical capabilities. How a clothing store attracts customers' attention is undoubtedly an excellent clothing display stand. We specialize in designing and producing clothing display stands, and are a supplier of many brand clothing display stands. We retail clothing display racks, wholesale clothing display racks, we are a reliable clothing display rack manufacturer!

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