Zaozhuang Fashion Men's Clothing Store

Project Name

Zaozhuang Fashion Men's Clothing Store


Zaozhuang, Shandong, China


Product Classification

Wall-mounted clothing display racks and shirt display rack

Preliminary Project

This is a fashionable men's clothing store, mainly selling fashionable men's clothing. The shop has a large layout, which is different from ordinary men's clothing shops, with a comfortable rest area. The shop is decorated in gray and white as the main color. The white ceiling and high-grade gray floor tiles present a calm, noble and elegant atmosphere, which is especially suitable for the brand culture and aura of fashionable men's clothing. The lighting design of the shop is also just right, giving a good visual experience, the whole shop is spacious and bright, high-end atmosphere.

Project Design

According to the brand culture, shop decoration and shop space distribution of Zaozhuang Fashion Men's Clothing Store, we tailor-made wall-mounted clothing display racks and shirt display racks as the main clothing display racks of the store. The design of the shirt display rack is a neat and orderly arrangement of display racks. The combination of gray and white colors is very high-end atmosphere, which looks unique under the light. In the shop, it is a shirt display rack and also a beautiful landscape. Designing the shirt display rack in the leisure area is also a highlight, allowing customers to slowly choose their favorite shirts while resting, which is also a better shopping experience. Arm-hung clothing display rack, simple line design, interlaced matching of black and gold, both light luxury and stable. The upper wall and the floor are double fixed, and the load-bearing capacity is strong. No matter how heavy the clothes are on the display rack, you don't have to worry about it. The well-decorated layer design makes the entire display stand not boring, and the regional functions are clearly distinguished. The overall feeling is clean, tidy and generous, providing customers with a better shopping environment and shopping experience, allowing people to walk into the store. There will be an involuntary feeling that one's status will be raised to a higher level!

Actual Result

Zaozhuang Fashion Men's Clothing Store installed our tailor-made clothing display racks, combined with the store's decoration and lighting design, and presented a calm, elegant and fashionable atmosphere as a whole. Fashionable men's clothing stores should be so luxurious and magnificent, highlighting men's taste and style in dressing. The color design of our clothing display rack is a combination of black and gold, with a calm atmosphere and a sense of light luxury, which perfectly interprets the brand culture of fashionable men's clothing. Such a clothing display rack is very eye-catching, but it is not overwhelming, and the clothing can be displayed well on the display rack. Therefore, the clothing display racks of the entire shop do not appear dull, boring, and boring, adding a different color to the shop.

Project Summary

Our tailor-made clothing display rack for Zaozhuang fashion men's clothing store has been recognized and affirmed by the store owner, and it has also brought greater benefits to the store. No doubt this project is very successful. The clothing display rack of the men's clothing store should be designed to be calm, elegant and fashionable. This not only conforms to the brand culture of the Zaozhuang fashion men's clothing store, but also allows customers to feel that their status and status will be raised to a higher level when they enter the store, providing customers with more Good shopping environment and more comfortable shopping experience. Such a clothing display rack design will definitely make the shop more glamorous, attract more consumers' attention, and reap higher benefits.

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