Youngor Business Men's Store

Project Name

Youngor Business Men's Store


Wuhai, Inner Mongolia, China


Product Category

Clothing Display Rack with High Cabinet by the Wall

Preliminary Project

This is a men's clothing store, mainly selling business men's clothing. The design of the clothing display rack is required to highlight the authority, dignity, rigor and modern ease of business men’s clothing. Project design: According to the requirements of customers and the spatial distribution of the physical store, we designed a clothing display rack with high cabinets against the wall and a clothing display rack with plywood embedded in the wall. The two clothing displays are matched with each other. The clothing display rack with high cabinet against the wall has a firm structure and a beautiful appearance. It is designed with front-side hanging display, shelf display, and storage drawer. This is a multifunctional display rack, which can not only meet the display of different forms of clothing, but also enrich the integrity of the clothing display rack.

Project Design

Actual Result

The clothing display racks designed by us were installed in the business men's clothing store. The overall effect is capable, dignified and atmospheric, which is in line with the ideal effect expected by the store owner. Ties, bags, belts and other accessories are placed on the shelf, and they are matched with shoes on the platform to present guests with a complete clothing matching effect. It not only enriches the customer's visual experience, but also drives the sales of clothing.

Project Summary

We specialize in the production of clothing display racks, and are the designated clothing display rack manufacturers for several major clothing brands. We have a professional design team, a stylish and innovative design concept, and a serious and responsible work attitude. We will design a diversified metal clothing display stand with high space utilization, a comfortable overall store effect, and modern fashion trends according to the decoration style of the store, the spatial layout of the store, the style of clothing, and the personal preferences of customers.

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