Project Name

YASHI Wedding Dress Hall


Zhengzhou, Henan, China

Product Classification

Special-Shape clothing display racks

Preliminary Project

It is every woman's dream to put on a beautiful wedding dress. This is a YASHI brand wedding dress shop. The color used in the interior decoration is mainly white, which is bright and open as a whole, with a sense of penetration, white and elegant, beautiful and warm. There is no choice of overly luxurious decoration, but a bright, spacious, clean and refreshing decoration style. This style can bring comfort to customers while creating a cordial and natural atmosphere. The clothing display rack we designed for the YASHI wedding dress hall should also conform to the decoration style of the shop and the YASHI brand culture.

Project Design

According to the shop decoration style of YASHI wedding dress hall and YASHI brand culture, we tailor-made this special-shaped clothing display stand as the highlight clothing display stand of this shop. The simple line design outlines a unique metal frame, which is fashionable and visually attractive. The color of the clothing display rack is the popular gold, which reveals a sense of light luxury, elegant, chic and noble, which is very in line with the temperament of YASHI wedding dress, not kitsch, not frivolous, warm and elegant, everything is just right. The surface of the clothing display rack is shiny and bright, the selection of materials is thick, and the load-bearing capacity is strong. There is no need to worry about the long, large and heavy characteristics of the wedding dress. Quality and artistic sense coexist.

YASHI Wedding Dress Hall Design Drawings

Actual Result

After installing our tailor-made clothing display racks in the YASHI Wedding Dress Shop, the whole shop presents a warm and elegant, dreamy and graceful, noble and unique atmosphere, which is very in line with our design philosophy and goals, and also got the shop The boss’s recognition and affirmation! The wedding is the most important moment in a woman's life. In order for the bride to be amazed at the wedding, she must rely on the wedding dress. How can a wedding dress be better shown to the couple to choose? It is undoubtedly a unique clothing display stand, which perfectly displays the wedding dress in front of the new couple, so that they can choose the wedding dress that they like more!

YASHI Wedding Dress Hall Actual Result
YASHI Wedding Dress Hall Actual Result
YASHI Wedding Dress Hall Actual Result
YASHI Wedding Dress Hall Actual Result

Project Summary

Wedding dresses always give people the impression of dreamy, graceful, noble and elegant. Therefore, the decoration of the wedding dress hall must be bright and spacious, clean and refreshing, warm and loving, so as to set off the nobility and sacredness of the wedding dress. And the real display of wedding dresses is of course the clothing display racks we designed. Without the clothing display racks, the wedding dresses will appear messy and completely unable to show its beauty, and it will not allow customers to slowly appreciate the selection of the most favorite wedding dresses. Clothing display racks are very important to a shop, and an excellent clothing display rack will definitely bring greater benefits to the shop!

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