Weina Su Women's Shoes Store

Project Name

Weina Su Women's Shoes Store


Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China


Product Category

Wall Display Stand and Nakajima Display Table

Preliminary Project

This is a women's shoe store under the Vinesu brand, which sells high-quality women's shoes. It is required to highlight the nobility, ability and temperament of the shoes.

Project Design

According to the customer's requirements and the spatial distribution of the physical store, we designed the wall display rack and the Nakajima display table. The display stand against the wall has a simple design, but it can hold and display a larger number of shoes. The upper end is fixed on the ceiling, and the lower end stands on the ground, with high safety and strong load-bearing capacity. The Nakajima display table has a layered design and a flowing water-like visual experience. Reasonable use of the store space is the finishing touch of the entire store.

Actual Result

The women's shoe store of the Venezuelan brand installed a display stand designed by us, presenting a high-end, atmospheric, and high-end effect as a whole. The shoes on the display rack against the wall are arranged neatly and gracefully, with lighting, giving people a comfortable and intimacy. The area of the display rack is clearly distinguished, and the display is classified according to the style of the shoes, the new time, the price, etc., so that customers can find their favorite shoes more quickly. The location of the Nakajima display table has obvious advantages, which has better promoted the sales of the store!

Project Summary

The owner of the women's shoe store in Venusu is very satisfied with our design and the quality of the display stand. We specialize in the production of display racks and are the designated display rack manufacturers for many major brand stores. Customer satisfaction is the driving force for us to move forward. Satisfactory answers are the embodiment of our rich experience and excellent design concepts.

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