Vansino Business Men's Clothing Store

Project Name

Vansino Business Men's Clothing Store


Suzhou, Jiangsu, China


Product Classification

High cabinet against the wall clothing display rack and embedded wall clothing display rack

Preliminary Project

This is a men's clothing store, mainly selling business men's clothing. The design of the clothing display rack should not only highlight the elegance of business men's clothing, but also conform to the trend of the handsome trend of modern men's clothing.

Project Design

According to the requirements of the shopkeeper and the spatial distribution of the physical store, we designed a clothing display rack with a high cabinet against the wall and a clothing display rack with plywood embedded in the wall, combined with the Nakajima display table and Nakajima shelf to form a whole Stores with high space utilization and good visual effects. The high cabinet against the wall clothing display rack is a multi-functional clothing display rack, which can display clothing, display accessories, and store clothing. The installation design of the wall-mounted clothing display rack has strong load-bearing capacity and high safety.

Actual Result

After our design and installation of clothing display racks, the overall effect of Vansino Business Men’s Store has shown

Both rigorous and dignified, but also fashionable and confident. The high cabinet clothing display rack against the wall puts our business men's clothing and accessories and other physical objects, which is like a home experience, which draws the hearts of customers, and there is a mentality of wanting to choose slowly. Nakajima showcases the high and low collocation of the table, which is full of layering. Bags, belts, and shoes are placed to give customers a complete dressing and matching experience. It can not only attract the attention of customers more, but also drive the sales of clothing matching products.

Project Summary

Customers are very satisfied with our clothing display stand and our design concept! We specialize in the production of clothing display racks and are the designated clothing display rack manufacturers for several major clothing brands. We carefully design each store's clothing display rack to maximize the space utilization of the store. Combining different types of clothing and matching with more appropriate clothing display racks will enhance the aura of the entire store and attract more traffic.

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