V7 Men's Clothing Store

Project Name

V7 Men's Clothing Store


Chaozhou, Guangdong, China


Product Classification

Wall-mounted clothing display rackand hanging clothing display rack

Preliminary Project

This is a V7 brand men's clothing store, mainly selling business casual men's clothing. The clothing in the store has both the function of business wear and the casual wear of casual wear. It provides people with more tasteful life concepts and more life choices. It is casual and relaxed, with a little natural comfort, but it can maintain a sense of correctness and rigor, and has an atmosphere of atmosphere. The shop is large in scale and decorated with high-end atmosphere. The whole shop presents a luxurious and majestic atmosphere.

Project Design

According to the brand culture, store decoration, and space distribution of the V7 men's clothing store, we tailor-made a hanging clothing display rack and a wall-mounted clothing display rack. The clothing display rack we designed is a multi-functional display rack consisting of three parts. The upper part is a front hanging display pole, which can display the clothing frontally, allowing customers to see and feel the style, color, and material of the clothing more comprehensively and intuitively. At the bottom are shelves and side racks. Flowers and plants, clothing magazines, and clothing accessories can be placed on the shelves to add vitality and vitality to the shop. The side-hanging display pole can display a large number of clothing at a time, providing customers with more choices. This hanging clothing display rack is fixed on the ceiling and does not occupy floor space. The overall appearance is clean, comfortable and tidy. The wall-mounted clothing display rack is fixed on the ceiling and fixed on the ground. It is double fixed and stable. No matter how many items on the display rack, there is no need to worry about its load-bearing capacity. The layer design on the display rack is staggered high and low, giving people a better visual experience, making the clothing display rack of the whole shop not boring.

Actual Result

After installing our tailor-made clothing display racks in the V7 men's store, combined with the store's decoration and lighting design, the entire store presents an elegant, chic, and clean atmosphere. Such a store gives people a bright feeling. Walking into the store makes people feel that their status and status are raised to a higher level, and it will also give customers a better visual experience and shopping experience. This is also the final effect we want to design the clothing display rack. Not only is it recognized and affirmed by the store owner, but it can also bring better benefits to the store. This is undoubtedly a successful clothing store.

Project Summary

Why is the design of the clothing display rack of our clothing store very successful? First of all, we tailor-made according to the spatial distribution of the store, and maximize the use of every corner of the store to maximize the space utilization of the store; secondly, one thing is multi-purpose, which can display clothes on the side. Laminates are placed with flowers, green plants, clothing accessories, etc., to add vitality and vitality to the shop; and the clothing display racks we designed and the clothing brand culture are very appropriate. The shop decoration and lighting design complement each other, and the effect is very good; The last point worth mentioning is that our tailor-made clothing display rack for the V7 men's clothing store has been recognized and affirmed by the store owner!

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