Project Name

Shenzhen GUXILORK Women's Clothing Store


Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Product Classification

Hanging clothing display rack and L-shaped island display rack

Preliminary Project

This is a GUXILORK brand women's clothing store, the style of clothing is fashionable, elegant and exquisite. The clothes are concise and capable, showing perfect temperament. The traditional tailoring reveals the nobility of the royal family. The perfect combination of retro feelings and modern attitudes, intertwined with rich and three-dimensional precipitation beauty. It makes people feel the infinite comfort and softness brought by one stitch and one thread, versatile and elegant and comfortable, and every angle is beautiful. The decoration of the shop is mainly gray and white, presenting a high-end atmosphere, simple and fashionable atmosphere.

Project Design

According to the brand culture of GUXILORK women's clothing, the shop decoration style and the space distribution of the shop, we tailor-made the hanging clothing display rack and the L-shaped island display rack as the main clothing display racks of the shop. The color of our clothing display rack is golden, which gives people a sense of luxury. It is matched with the gray and white decorations of the shop. It is not kitsch, not frivolous, elegant, chic and noble. Everything is just right. The hanging clothing display rack is designed to be fixed on the ceiling, has a strong load-bearing capacity, does not occupy floor space, and gives people a clean, tidy and generous feeling. The clothes hang on the display racks are particularly slender, especially suitable for women's clothing stores. Let's talk about this "L"-shaped island display stand, with a special shape design, not only can be used for the partition of the store, but also can be combined with other display stands. This is a clothing display rack and a beautiful landscape in the shop.

Shenzhen GUXILORK Women's Clothing Store Design Drawings
Shenzhen GUXILORK Women's Clothing Store Design Drawings
Shenzhen GUXILORK Women's Clothing Store Design Drawings

Actual Result

After installing our tailor-made clothing display racks, the GUXILORK brand women's clothing store presents a high-end atmosphere, fashion and exquisiteness, and a neat and generous atmosphere. This fully meets our expectations and is very close to the GUXILORK brand culture. Women's clothing is characterized by many styles, long clothes, and fast new arrivals. There is no problem with the clothing rack display rack we designed. We also designed metal window partitions for the store, and made reasonable use of the corner positions of the store. Simple metal lines outline a unique curved partition. Such a metal partition does not block the line of sight, but also shows an independent space for the window model. it is good.

Shenzhen GUXILORK Women's Clothing Store Actual Result
Shenzhen GUXILORK Women's Clothing Store Actual Result
Shenzhen GUXILORK Women's Clothing Store Actual Result

Project Summary

The design of the clothing display rack for this project of the GUXILORK brand women's clothing store is very successful, and it fully demonstrates the main points and brand culture of the women's clothing store. As soon as you enter the store, you will feel that your status, life style and taste will instantly rise to the next level. The clothing display racks in the store have their own functions. Together, they are a group of display racks with particularly high practicability and proper space division. They also play an important role in providing customers with a relaxed and comfortable shopping environment and shopping experience. Such a clothing display stand is undoubtedly outstanding and successful!

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