Senma Shoe Store

Project Name

Senma Shoe Store


Liuzhou, Guangxi, China


Product Classification

Multifunctional shoe display stand and irregular height shoe display stand

Preliminary Project

This is a senma brand shoe store, which mainly sells casual shoes, which are rich in style, individuality, fashion, and cool. They are simple, comfortable, light, durable, and easy to match. They are popular among young consumers. The spatial distribution of the senma brand shoes physical store is a regular rectangle, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The display racks are not required to be placed, but the design of the display racks should be excellent!

Project Design

According to the brand culture of the store and the spatial distribution of the store, we tailor-made a multifunctional shoe display stand and an irregular shoe display stand for the senma brand shoe store as the highlight display stand of the store. The multifunctional shoe display stand is a display stand that integrates advertising, shoe display, handbag display, and storage. The billboard with light can attract people's eyes. It can not only promote the brand, but also drive the display stand. The sales of goods on the website also add vitality to the entire shoe display stand! The display racks for shoes with irregular heights are placed in a conspicuous position at the entrance of the store. They can be placed on the display racks for shoes, handbags and accessories. It is not only a practical display stand, but also a beautiful landscape in the shop.

Actual Result

After senma brand shoe store installed our custom-designed shoe display stand, the whole store presents a stylish, simple, enthusiastic, personalized, youthful and dynamic atmosphere, which is very in line with the brand culture of senma shoes and the shop owner Requirements. Customers of such a store will feel very cordial as soon as they enter the door, making people feel like they want to choose slowly, and feel that this store must have suitable shoes for me. This is a very successful shoe display rack design.

Project Summary

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", which is sufficient to illustrate the importance of shoes. There are now a dazzling array of shoe shops on the streets and alleys, and there are even several shoe shops on the same street, which also shows that shoe shops are extremely competitive. How does a shoe store stand out from the crowd? It is undoubtedly an excellent shoe display and a unique shoe display stand! This is a project that the customer is very satisfied with. We are also committed to designing each project carefully, and the shop owner is very satisfied!

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