MO YAN Women's Clothing Store

Project Name

MO YAN Women's Clothing Store


Liuzhou, Guangxi, China


Product Classification

Island clothing display rackand clapboard clothing display racks

Preliminary Project

This is a MO YAN+ brand women's clothing store, dedicated to creating a mid-to-high-end women's clothing brand with elegant and intellectual styles for urban women, carefully selected for fashionable urban women aged 22-40. Use minimalism and light luxury to highlight the modern sense of modern women and reflect the attention of intellectual women.Emphasis on the exquisite and elegant appearance, but also pays attention to the inner self-cultivation, and the femininity of the intellectual image of oriental women exuding from the inside out. The decoration of the shop is mainly gray and white, presenting an elegant, simple and generous atmosphere.

Project Design

According to the brand culture, store decoration style and space distribution of MO YAN+ women's clothing, we tailor-made the island clothing display rack and the partition clothing display rack as the highlight clothing display rack of the store. The island clothing display rack is a simple light gold metal frame with a pure white bottom plate. It has both light and luxurious high-end atmospheric style, but also pure and elegant visual beauty. The height design of the island clothing display racks is different, so that the clothing display racks placed together have a staggered height, and the clothing on the display racks are clearly layered and will not appear boring. It is worth mentioning that this partition display stand in the shop. The multi-layer partition design can accommodate a large number of items for display at a time, and the middle is hollowed out to make the entire display shelf more light. Flowers and green plants, handicrafts, clothing, accessories, magazines, etc. can be placed on the display shelf to add vitality and vitality to the shop. This is a display stand, and it will also be a beautiful landscape in the shop.

Actual Result

MO YAN+ women's clothing store installed our custom-designed clothing display rack, and the whole store presents a high-end, elegant and fashionable atmosphere. The off-white wall, matched with the light gold clothing display stand, is low-key and luxurious. In this way, the clothing display rack is very eye-catching, but it is not overwhelming, and the clothes on the display rack are perfectly displayed. The decoration of the shop is matched with the clothing display rack we designed, and everything is just right.

Project Summary

This is a clothing display rack customized for MO YAN+ women's clothing store, which has been recognized and affirmed by the owner. The effect and atmosphere presented by the entire store are also the same as our expectations, showing the brand culture of MO YAN+ women's clothing, and also embodying the dignified, elegant, noble and elegant characteristics of women's clothing. Our clothing display rack is matched with the decoration of the store and the distribution of the store space. The whole store presents a high-end elegant and fashionable atmosphere. This is a successful project.

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