MIX&VEHICLE Women's Clothing Store

Project Name

MIX&VEHICLE Women's Clothing Store


Foshan, Guangdong, China


Product Classification

Oval-shape-island clothing display rackand clothing display racks with partitions

Preliminary Project

This is a MIX&VEHICLE brand women's clothing store. The clothing styles sold are fashionable, elegant, exquisite and modern, suitable for urban beauties who are 25-35 years old, love life, and advocate fashionable consumption concepts. The decoration of the shop is mixed and matched in blue, gray, green and pink tones, presenting a young, fashionable, youthful, elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

Project Design

According to the brand culture of MIX&VEHICLE women's clothing, shop decoration style and the space distribution of the shop, we customized and designed unique island display racks and wall-mounted clothing display racks. The island display stand is a simple frame design, a metal round tube, the surface is smooth and delicate, without losing the metallic luster. The appearance is elliptical, with upper and lower arcs, forming a complete individual, matched with the back wall of different colors, making the clothes on the display stand particularly eye-catching and attracting people's attention. The wall-mounted clothing display rack is inlaid in a uniquely shaped wooden board. The metal texture matches the nature of the wood. It has a noble and luxurious temperament, as well as a fresh and natural simplicity. There is also a partition above the display pole, which can be used to display handicrafts, flowers and plants, clothing posters, magazines, etc., which can promote brand culture, and can also add vitality and vitality to the shop, so that the shop is no longer dull, boring, and boring.

Actual Result

After installing our tailor-made clothing display racks in the MIX&VEHICLE women's shop, the whole shop presents a fashionable, elegant, exquisite and energetic atmosphere, which is fully in line with the brand culture and shop decoration style of MIX&VEHICLE women's clothing. The color of the shop is colorful but does not conflict with each other, and it does not appear chaotic. The shop also has a leisure area, Nordic-style chairs and bar counters, which are simple but unique. It is a leisure area and a beautiful scenery in the shop. The shop's clothing display racks are simple and unique, not sensational, and perfectly present the characteristics of women's clothing. Fashionable design, fine workmanship, fine surface treatment, rigorous material selection, good quality and strong load-bearing capacity.

Project Summary

MIX&VEHICLE women's clothing store is a store full of romantic life. Once you walk into the store, you can feel that every place is carefully designed and decorated. There are romantic and charming flowers, green plants close to nature, comfortable and pleasant leisure areas, fashionable and exquisite clothing, and some unique clothing display stands. All the designs are perfect. The MIX&VEHICLE women's clothing store display rack project is very successful, not only has the store owner's recognition and affirmation, but also contributed to the store's income.

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