Mihuang Women's Clothing Store

Project Name

Mihuang Women's Clothing Store


Suzhou, Jiangsu, China


Product Classification

wall-mounted clothing display racks, special-shaped clothing display racks

Preliminary Project

This is a Mihuang women's clothing store located in Huaxia World Trade Plaza, Suzhou, which mainly sells high-quality women's clothing. The decoration of the shop and the design of the clothing display rack should be simple and highlight the high-end atmosphere of women's clothing.

Project Design

The layout of the store is relatively square, and such a spatial layout is both an advantage and a disadvantage. We can't just design neatly arranged clothing display racks, which will make people feel plain and boring. We must design some eye-catching clothing display racks. According to the style of Mihuang brand clothing and the layout of the store, we designed the wall-mounted clothing display rack and the special-shaped clothing display rack, plus the designed leisure area, which is simple but attractive and impressive.

Actual Result

After installing the in-wall clothing display racks and special-shaped clothing display racks designed by us, the overall presentation effect is the same as we expected, and the high-end atmosphere is eye-catching. It is worth mentioning that there is also a leisure area, which can provide snacks, which is convenient for customers' children or friends to pass the time, and also allows customers time to slowly choose their favorite clothes. In this way, the time for customers to choose in the store is increased, and sales performance is also improved.

Project Summary

The owner of Mihuang women's clothing store is very satisfied with our design and the quality of the clothing display rack, and we are also very happy to be recognized by the owner of the brand women's clothing store. Our factory specializes in the production of clothing display racks, and is the designated clothing display rack manufacturer for several major brands of clothing. We intimately customize the clothing display stand for customers' satisfaction, peace of mind, and comfort!

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