Men's Wear Chain Brand:Goldlion

NR Display company as the Men' s Wear Chain Brand:Gold lion's supplier, has been provided display racks, clothes display stands, display cabinets,shoes display shelf,nesting tables,tie shelf,pants rack,wooden hanger,paper bags etc. One stop service to Goldlion with our professional and dedicated service since 2017.

Men's Wear Chain Brand:Goldlion

The Goldlion brand was born in 1968 and founded in Hong Kong by Dr. Zeng Xianzi, a patriotic businessman. The group's founding began with handcrafted high-end ties.Goldlion successfully entered the Chinese market and quickly had a big share in the market with a keen market vision in 1984. At the same time, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries have become important markets in Goldlion's business map. After more than half a century of development, Goldlion's business has gradually expanded from high-end ties to ready-to-wear, shoes, leather goods, and accessories, creating a full range of men's high-end apparel products to meet consumers' needs in an all-round and multi-level manner.

Goldlion has always insisted on excellent quality and extraordinary taste for all products. Its brand influence has remained enduring for more than half a century. In the long history of brand development, Goldlion has always adhered to the exquisite craftsmanship, established an industrial standard for the Asia men's clothing market, and became an image brand of Chinese suits, accompanying Chinese men to achieve their careers.

According to the diversified development of product styles and further division of market positioning, Goldlion's products have been comprehensively upgraded from the golden label, purple label and red label series to the three major series for administrative business, urban life, and holiday leisure to meet the needs of different consumer groups and different usage scenarios. Goldlion was started making high-end handmade ties in Hong Kong in 1968. Now it covers a full range of men's high-end clothing, such as ready-to-wear, shoes, leather goods, accessories, etc. and becomes a well-known men‘ swear brand.

Everyone is diligently seeking, constantly exploring and writing his own extraordinary story in his life. "Endless Heart, On the road" is Goldlion and NR Display 's persistence for constantly exploring new products. Craftsmanship is constantly expanding into new fields. Goldlion brand and NR Display have made innovations and breakthroughs step by step.

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