MEGO Boutique Smart Store

Project Name

MEGO Boutique Smart Store


Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


Product Classification

Multi-layer shoes bag display stand

Preliminary Project

This is the MEGO boutique, dedicated to building a 24-hour smart store with community warmth. The brand culture of the store is: meet, unseen pleasure. Mainly sell fine products, small objects, etc. The shop decoration is minimalist style, there is no more fancy decoration, several multi-layer display racks combined to form a rectangle is the basic frame of this shop. Although this is the case, the regional division, merchandise display, and cultural atmosphere of the store are outstanding.

Project Design

According to the brand culture, store decoration and store space distribution of MEGO boutiques, we tailor-made multi-layer display racks as the main merchandise display racks. This is a boutique store, there must be a lot of small items sold, and a multi-layer display rack is very suitable. The multi-layer display rack we designed has six layers, and each layer is divided into four areas. The distinctive feature is that the area division of each layer will fill an area irregularly. In this way, even if the display rack is filled with items, the whole display rack is not boring, and there will be no visual fatigue, which makes the simple design add a different color. The display rack is a hollow design, which can display products on both sides, without a back panel, can display products from different angles, and has a broader visual space. The white metal multi-layer display rack is matched with the yellow fixed frame of the shop. The color matching is harmonious and eye-catching, fashionable and energetic, which can attract the attention of consumers and increase the rate of entering the store. The display rack is a multi-level and multi-regional design. A large number of products can be placed on the display rack to meet the needs of the store; flowers and green plants, product brochures, etc. can also be placed to add vitality and vitality to the entire store.

Actual Result

After installing our custom-designed display racks in the MEGO boutique, with the decoration and lighting design of the store, the whole store presents a stylish, vigorous, concise and capable atmosphere. Boutique stores should present such an atmosphere to attract consumers' attention and purchase more. The display rack of the ME GO boutique is simple in design but has its own characteristics. It can meet the needs of the store while adding vitality and vitality to the store. This is undoubtedly an excellent display rack.

Project Summary

This is the multi-layer display rack we designed for the MEGO boutique. I am very happy to be recognized and affirmed by the store owner, and it has also brought greater benefits to the store. We customized and designed excellent display racks according to the brand culture, store decoration and store space distribution of MEGO boutique stores. This is undoubtedly a successful project. We do every project with our heart, so as to gain the trust of more customers.

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