MEELYN Wedding Dress Hall

Project Name

MEELYN Wedding Dress Hall


Guangxi, China


Product Classification

Wall-mounted clothing display rack

Preliminary Project

MEELYN Wedding Dress Hall is a shop that specializes in customizing exclusive wedding dresses for each bride and groom. As the most beautiful wedding dress for the bride and groom, the wedding dress is a very important costume for every bride and groom. They will definitely choose carefully after comparison. Each area of the MEELYN wedding dress hall has its own unique decoration style, and the atmosphere presented is either noble and elegant, or dreamy and graceful, or calm and atmospheric.

Project Design

How can a bridal dress shop attract the new couple's favor? It is undoubtedly the distinctive shop decoration and outstanding clothing display stand design! According to the decoration style of the brand wedding dress hall and the characteristics of long, large and heavy wedding dresses, we designed a wall-mounted clothing display stand for MEELYN. The upper end is fixed on the wall, the lower end is fixed on the floor, double fixing, there is no need to worry about its load-bearing capacity, the wedding dress is particularly safe to hang on it. The simple line design of the clothing display rack will not overwhelm the guests, and can better show the noble and gorgeous wedding dress. In order to better fit the wall, we also designed an arc-shaped wall-mounted clothing display rack. The special shape is particularly eye-catching, and it will also be a beautiful scenery in the shop.

Actual Result

After installing our custom-designed clothing display racks in the MEELYN wedding dress hall, matching the decoration style of the shop, the whole presents a noble, elegant, dreamy and graceful atmosphere, which is the result we want! The clothing display rack we designed has given full play to its greatest advantage, enhanced the overall aura of the store, contributed to the store’s revenue, and made people have the domineering style of finding the wedding dress you want in this store.

Project Summary

Wedding dress is a special kind of clothing. Compared with general clothing, it is larger in size, longer in length, and heavier in weight. Therefore, the clothing display rack we design must be suitable for the characteristics of wedding dresses. The bride and groom who choose the wedding dress must be happy, because they are about to enter the marriage palace and start a new journey of happiness. Therefore, the wedding dress display rack we design must help the store to render this atmosphere, so that the bride and groom are surrounded by a happy and sweet atmosphere, and they are happy all the time!

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