LSS Zero Fashion Women's Clothing Store

Project Name

LSS Zero Fashion Women's Clothing Store


Zhongshan, China


Product Classification

special shape wall-mounted clothing display rack, wall display rack

Preliminary Project

This is an LSS zero fashion brand women's clothing store, which advocates rational fashion, does not follow blindly, and emphasizes self. Shop clothing is suitable for fashionable women aged 25-45, economically independent, have a certain cultural literacy, focus on the quality of life, mature and rational personality. The store’s products are sold in limited quantities and are quickly updated with emphasis on fabrics, quality and taste. The overall presentation is simple and elegant, low-key luxury, natural and casual, stylish and practical, unique but not weird.

Project Design

According to the store's brand positioning and brand culture, we designed a high-end experience leisure area for the store, and designed a special shape wall-mounted clothing display rack and a wall display rack as the highlight of the store. The wall-mounted clothing display rack that looks like a door and a window is like a door that opens the window of the soul, giving people unlimited imagination. Such a special-shaped display rack will attract people's attention, so that people can pay attention to the clothing on the clothing display rack. A staggered display rack against the wall will add vitality and color to the shop. Flowers and plants, decorative handicrafts, brand certificates, high-end wines, clothing accessories, etc. can be placed on the display rack. This is not only a display stand against the wall, but also a beautiful landscape!

Actual Result

From the design draft to the physical store effect, this beautiful enjoyment process makes people feel proud of secret joy! The reasonable arrangement and distribution of clothing display racks in the shop, the seamless connection between the rich leisure area and the shopping area, the transition is natural and comfortable, the whole shop presents an elegant and fashionable, low-key luxury, simple and connotative atmosphere, which is fully in line with our expectations. The design has been praised and affirmed by the owner.

Project Summary

The clothing display rack is the soul of a clothing store. Excellent design and rich content will definitely help the store to obtain greater benefits. We are designers of clothing display racks, and also beauticians of clothing stores. We are a professional manufacturer of clothing display racks. We have rich production experience, fashionable and innovative design concepts, excellent team spirit and serious and responsible work attitude. We are your trusted clothing display rack supplier!

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