LALA Women's Clothing Store

Project Name

LALA Women's Clothing Store


Zhongshan, Guangdong, China


Product Classification

Wall-mounted clothing display rack

Preliminary Project

This is a LALA brand women's clothing store, dedicated to presenting women with independent thinking spirit, full of tenderness and strength, casual and natural, and seeing extraordinary self in the ordinary. The design concept is based on a life attitude of loving life and pursuing freedom, humanistic philosophy and return to the heart's expression techniques, integrating various elements to refine and converge the ever-changing unique beauty. The decoration style of the shop is based on white as the main color, gray and black as the embellishment, presenting a noble, elegant, dignified, quiet, and decent atmosphere.

Project Design

According to the decoration style, brand culture and spatial distribution of the LALA women's clothing store, we designed a wall-mounted clothing display rack and a partition display rack. The wall-mounted clothing display rack is designed to be fixed on the ceiling and on the ground. It is double fixed and has a strong load-bearing capacity. There is no need to worry about the number and weight of clothes on the display rack. The light gold display rack reveals a sense of light luxury, elegant, chic and noble. The combination of stainless steel art and clothing makes the entire clothing store full of vitality and vitality, and makes clothing more high-end under its support, making customers fall in love at a glance. Partition display rack, multi-level design, multi-level storage. It occupies a small area, is flexible and practical, uses the space reasonably, and makes the best use of the material. Clothing, accessories, flowers and plants, handicrafts, etc. can be placed on the display rack. The simple design, with its different kind of scenery, makes the space more possible. Concise and delicate, simple and happy, concise and beautiful.

Actual Result

After installing our tailor-made clothing display racks in the LALA women's clothing store, the entire store presents a noble, elegant, dignified, quiet, and decent atmosphere. It is fully in line with our pre-design effects and the requirements of the shop owner. There is also a leisure area in the LALA women's clothing store, which is convenient for customers and friends to take a short break and slowly choose their favorite clothes, providing customers with a relaxed and comfortable shopping environment and shopping experience. This is a fashionable and innovative design, which not only conforms to the development of the times, but also meets the needs of the trend.

Project Summary

The competition of women's clothing stores is very fierce. There are many women's clothing stores on the streets and alleys. How to stand out among the many stores? It is undoubtedly an excellent shop display and a unique clothing display stand. The clothing display racks we designed for the LALA women's clothing store are so perfect that they contribute to the store's revenue. It is not only suitable for the decoration style of the store, the distribution of the store space, and the LALA brand culture, but also meets the requirements and personal preferences of the store owner. This clothing display rack design is very successful!

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