JOYCHO Women's Shoe Store

Project Name

JOYCHO Women's Shoe Store


Dongguan, Guangdong, China


Product Classification

Independent shoes bag display standand island display table

Preliminary Project

This is a JOYCHO brand women's shoe store, the main products: Roman boots, banquet shoes, casual leather shoes, cloth shoes, etc. Exquisite quality and French style are the first choices for elegant women. The decoration of the shop is a light luxury French style. The walls are mainly fresh and bright sky blue, decorated with romantic and charming pink, and matched with the classical wall lamps on the wall, presenting a noble and retro French elegant texture as a whole.

Project Design

According to the decoration style, brand culture and spatial distribution of the JOYCHO brand women's shoe store, we tailor-made an independent display stand and island display table. The independent shoe display rack eliminates tedious installation procedures. It does not need to drill holes on the ceiling, wall or floor, and can be used simply by the assembly. The entire display rack can be placed arbitrarily according to the spatial distribution of the store. The design of the display stand with lighting is also a bright spot. The lighting not only makes the shoes on the display stand more dazzling, but also makes the whole shoe display stand more vigorous and energetic, making the space more possibilities, and attracting customers to pay attention to the display stand. Shoes. The design of the island display table makes a deep impression at a glance. It has a fashionable and trendy atmosphere, which is very in line with the JOYCHO brand culture. The special table supports the feet and the colour matching is innovative and avant-garde. It is suitable for shoes to follow the fashion trend and quickly introduce new features.

Actual Result

After the JOYCHO brand women's shoe store installed our custom-designed shoe display rack, the whole store presents an atmosphere of noble elegance, fashion trend, and classical French style. This not only conforms to the JOYCHO brand culture but also matches the decoration style of the store. The pink background wall is matched with light luxury light gold display racks, adding lighting effects, not only has a romantic and charming girlish atmosphere but also has mature and stable self-confidence. The mirror design in the shop is also very scheming. The light gold frame matched with the display stands seamlessly connects the distribution between the display stands. The four metal frame mirrors are arranged in an orderly arc shape, allowing customers to experience multiple angles, different orientations and intuitive shoe fitting effects, giving customers a comfortable and pleasant shopping environment and shopping experience!

Project Summary

A successful brand shoe store must be that when customers walk into the store, they will involuntarily feel that their status and lifestyle have improved to a higher level, and then have a happy mood to slowly choose their favorite shoes. The shoe display rack we tailor-made for the JOYCHO brand women's shoe store has been recognized and affirmed by the store owner, and it has also brought greater benefits to the store. This is a very successful project.

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