Jinyuan WOMENS FASHION clothing store

Project Name

Jinyuan WOMENS FASHION clothing store


Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


Product Classification

Wall-mounted clothing display rack and special model shoes bag display rack

Preliminary Project

This is a WOMENS FASHION brand clothing store, which sells women's clothing, clothing accessories, shoes, bags, etc. In the shop, you can purchase all clothing and matching accessories in a one-stop shop. The shop is large in size, and the ceiling and floor of the shop are gray with high-grade texture. The decoration style of the shop presents a noble, elegant, generous and chic atmosphere. The lighting design in the shop matches well with the decoration of the shop.

Project Design

According to the brand culture, shop decoration and space distribution of the WOMENS FASHION brand clothing store, we tailor-made shoe bag display racks, wall-mounted clothing display racks, island clothing display racks, high and low water display stands, and jewelry display cabinets. Among them, it is worth mentioning that the shoe bag display rack and the wall-mounted clothing display rack are the main display racks in the store, and they are also the highlight display racks.The wall-mounted clothing display rack is fixed on the wall and on the ground. It is double fixed, so there is no need to worry about the load-bearing capacity of the clothing display rack. Even if it is covered with long and heavy coats in winter, there is no problem at all and it is very stable. The wall-mounted clothing display rack occupies a small area, and the clothing hanging on it presents a neat, tidy and generous atmosphere. Let’s talk about this shoe bag display stand, like irregular ladders spliced together. The unique shape is particularly eye-catching. The multi-layer laminate can display a large number of shoes and handbags for customers to choose and purchase. Shoes and handbags are placed. Put it on top to get a better display. This is a handbag display stand and a beautiful landscape in the shop, adding a different color to the whole shop.

Actual Result

After WOMENS FASHION clothing store installed our tailor-made clothing display racks and shoe bag display racks, the whole store presents a noble, elegant, generous and unique atmosphere, which is very in line with the brand culture of WOMENS FASHION clothing store, and also with the store decoration The styles match, and the design of the entire store is just right. The clothing display racks in the shop are champagne gold, which is light and luxurious with a touch of elegance of a lady, which is very suitable for the characteristics of women's style. This shop is large in scale, but the design of the clothing display rack and handbag display rack is very reasonable and excellent, and the whole shop looks harmonious and beautiful.

Project Summary

The design of the clothing display rack and the shoe bag display rack of the WOMENS FASHION clothing store is very good and successful, and has been recognized and affirmed by the shop owner. This is our tailor-made clothing display rack and shoe bag display rack based on the combination of WOMENS FASHION clothing brand culture, store decoration and store space distribution, which brings different colors to the store and adds vitality and vitality. The whole shop presents a noble, elegant, generous and chic atmosphere.

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