IENIN Women's Clothing Store

Project Name

IENIN Women's Clothing Store


Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


Product Classification

Hanging clothing display racks

Preliminary Project

This is an IENIN brand women's clothing store. The clothing styles of the shop are diverse and easy to match. It perfectly interprets the independence of modern 22-38-year-old urban women, pursuing fashionable personality, and fully demonstrating the style of confident, optimistic and elegant women. The decoration style of the shop is Italian warm tones, and the clothing display racks we designed should also match these, so that the whole shop presents a stylish personality, noble and elegant, and generous atmosphere.

Project Design

According to the decoration style of the clothing store and the brand culture of the clothing, we tailor-made the hanging clothing display rack and the partition display rack as the main clothing display racks for the IENIN brand clothing store. Both of these display racks are very novel in style and particularly high in value. The design of the hanging clothing display rack is a combination of metal and wood. The clothing display rod is fixed by two large metal rings. The light gold color and the mirror surface treatment are particularly dazzling, which instantly enhances the air of the entire clothing display rack. field. The design of the partition display rack is also very novel. A light gold metal tube runs through the entire partition display rack. The IENIN brand logo is also designed on the top of the display rack. The light gold mirror bottom plate and white font are not only unique, but also promote publicity. The role of the brand; the four-layer clapboard display rack is beautiful and practical. This is a display stand, and it will also be a beautiful landscape in the shop!

Actual Result

After installing our custom-designed clothing display in the IENIN brand women's clothing store, matching the decoration style and lighting design of the store, the whole store presents a stylish personality, noble and elegant, and elegant atmosphere, which is very in line with our design. Expected and the request of the shop owner. The clothing display rack of the brand women's clothing store should look high in value and practicality, so that people can't help but feel that their taste and status have improved to a higher level when they enter the store. The lights of the shop on the clothes are particularly high-end atmosphere, and also create a warm and comfortable shopping environment.

Project Summary

Women love to dress up and often buy beautiful clothes. There is indeed a bigger market for women's business, but nowadays there are more and more women's apparel businesses, and the market competition is also fierce. How can it stand out in many women's clothing stores? It is undoubtedly an excellent clothing display rack design and an excellent clothing display. This is our tailor-made clothing display stand for the IENIN brand women's clothing store. It has been very satisfied with the store owner. It is a very successful project!

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