Gu Xi Women's Clothing Store

Project Name

Gu Xi Women's Clothing Store


Guizhou, China


Product Classification

On the wall clothing display rack

Preliminary Project

This is a women's clothing store that sells long skirts, so it needs a strong sense of space. The design of the clothing display rack needs to be simple, high-end, and atmospheric.

Project Design

According to the customer's requirements and the space distribution of the store, we designed this upper wall clothing display rack with a shelf for it. Bags and accessories can be placed on the shelf to give customers a better matching and visual experience. The simple line design can better highlight the characteristics of the clothing, not overwhelming the guests, and let customers pay more attention to the clothing. The installation design of the upper wall has strong load-bearing capacity and does not take up floor space, making the whole shop feel clean and tidy and generous.

Actual Result

After installing our clothing display rack on the wall in the women's clothing store, the overall aura is high-end and atmospheric. Matching the shop's clothing, accessories and lighting is a gorgeous visual experience. The clothing display rack on the wall is mainly side-hung, which can display more clothing for customers to choose from. Depending on the style, length, value, etc. of the clothes, they are placed on different display shelves to enhance the regional function and integrity of the store. The whole shop feels high-end, atmospheric, clean and comfortable!

Project Summary

We specialize in the production of clothing display racks and are the designated clothing display rack manufacturers for several major clothing brands. We have stylish and innovative design, excellent team, rich experience and superb technology. Customers are very satisfied with our clothing display stand, and we are also very happy to be affirmed by customers!

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