Gorgeous Clothing Live room

Project Name

Gorgeous Clothing Live room


Liuzhou, Guangxi, China


Product Classification

Hanging clothing display rack and special shape clothing display rack

Preliminary Project

This is a gorgeous clothing live studio, reasonable use of space, stylish design, and complete functions. The premises include business office area, photography studio, live broadcast room, rest and exchange area, water bar, dressing room, clothes sample room, express packing room, etc. From preparing for live clothing broadcast to packaging and express delivery, all can be completed step by step. The decoration style of the clothing live studio presents a high-end atmosphere, an elegant and unique atmosphere.

Project Design

According to the decoration style and space distribution of the gorgeous clothing live studio, we tailor-made hanging clothing display racks and special-shaped clothing display racks. Hanging clothing display racks are designed on the periphery of the clothing sample room. The golden simple style, the gold color gives people a sense of light luxury, with the white wall, low-key luxury. The ceiling is fixed and does not occupy floor space, making it feel neat and tidy. With lighting design, the clothes on the clothes display stand are dazzling, everything is just right. In the clothing sample room, we have designed a special clothing display stand. The unique shape will undoubtedly bring a different color to the sample room. Multiple clothing display racks are combined into a big round shape, which gives people a better visual effect and makes it easier and faster to choose clothes. Simple lines outline the shape of doors and windows. Several doors and windows are combined into a curved clothing display stand. Simple design, not simple craftsmanship, this will be a set of unique clothing display stands!

Actual Result

After installing our tailor-made clothing display racks in the gorgeous live broadcast room, with the decoration and lighting design of the live broadcast room, the whole live broadcast room presents a high-end atmosphere, elegant and unique atmosphere. The unique clothing display rack adds a different color to the entire live broadcast room, which is very good in terms of experience and visual effects. The clothing display rack is simple and noble. The gold color gives people a sense of luxury, not fancy or overwhelming. The clothing is placed on it and looks high-end. The whole gorgeous live broadcast room is very harmonious and perfect!

Project Summary

There is no doubt that the visual effect of the gorgeous clothing live studio must be good. Our project is very successful. Whether it is regional design, place decoration, lighting, or the most important clothing display rack, the effect is the same as our previous design. Yes, it has been recognized and affirmed by the boss. The clothing live studio is rich in content, complete in functions, and reasonable in space utilization. After installing our tailor-made clothing display racks, the overall presents a high-end atmosphere, elegant and unique atmosphere.

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