Goldlion Business Men's Clothing Store

Project Name

Goldlion Business Men's Clothing Store


Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


Product Category

Clothing Display Rack with High Cabinet by the Wall

Brand Development Story

The Goldlion trademark was designed by the founder of the company, Dr. Zeng Xianzi, and consists of the logo, English "goldlion" and Chinese "Goldlion". The Goldlion brand was founded in Hong Kong in 1968 by the chairman of the group, Dr. Zeng Xianzi. At the beginning of the business, it was mainly a family workshop to make ties. After half a century, Goldlion’s business has expanded from hand-made neckties to a full range of men’s high-end apparel, including ready-to-wear, shoes, leather goods, and accessories. In 1984, Goldlion products began to enter the Chinese mainland market. After more than ten years of continuous innovation in the Chinese market, Goldlion Group has successfully erected the golden sign of "Goldlion". The slogan "Goldlion-Man's World" is well-known in China, and its brand influence is enduring. Faced with the challenges of the 21st century, Goldlion is vigorously advancing the reorganization of its brand image with the goal of creating a major international brand. From product innovation, to market image, to brand culture, it is realizing a new leap in the development of corporate strategy. On the one hand, Goldlion's men's clothing brand adheres to the concept of classics and innovation, and the brand image is becoming younger and more fashionable. In order to adapt to the modern people's emphasis on life style, advocating relaxed and leisure, and pursuing a harmonious lifestyle between humanism and nature, and in keeping with a major trend of casual dressing in the international clothing market in recent years, Goldlion has become more life-oriented, parental and fashionable. The concept of "new formal wear" came into being in the "men's world".

Preliminary Project

This is a "Goldlion" brand business men's clothing store, which needs to highlight the classics and innovations of the brand image and show the dignity, man and atmosphere of business men's clothing. It must also be in line with the fashionable and younger trends of modern clothing stores.

Project Design

Based on the development history and innovative concept of the "Goldlion" brand, we designed this clothing display rack against the wall as the main clothing display rack for the store. The texture of this clothing display rack is vacuum stainless steel and rose gold, and there are no fingerprint marks on the surface, which means that we can protect the clothing display rack well without worrying about surface wear. The clothing display racks can be adjusted according to the different designs of the store. We are now producing more and more creative clothing display racks, so that there is enough space for clothes and can quickly save space in the store.

Actual Result

The decoration style of the clothing store is matched with our clothing display rack. The overall presentation effect is the same as we expected. The shop owner is also very satisfied with our design and clothing display rack. Suits are a symbol of the brand and are placed in the most conspicuous position. Other accessories such as belts or shoes can also be placed under the shirt. Such a display can make the store full of vitality and creativity, and be welcomed by young people. The lighting design of the clothing store is also excellent. Many small spotlights are designed on the ceiling to illuminate the clothes, which can highlight our clothes and attract more consumers. Its overall design matches with lighting, decorations and many other things, matched with our clothing display racks. Together, they will bring great surprises to people. With the help of each other, they will become more valuable. This is the art of cooperation.

Project Summary

We specialize in the production of clothing display racks, and are a clothing display rack supplier for several major brands of clothing. We retail clothing display racks, wholesale clothing display racks. The complete success of every project is the driving force for us to strive forward. We look forward to you choosing us to personalize and customize the exclusive clothing display stand for your clothing store, and win greater benefits for the store together!

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