GEMEIQ Shoe Store

Project Name

GEMEIQ Shoe Store


Dongguan, Guangdong, China


Product Classification

High-cabinet-partition shoes display stand and partition island shoes display stand

Preliminary Project

This is a GEMEIQ brand shoe store, which is at the forefront of the industry with its excellent quality, good comfort and high cost performance. The company attaches great importance to channel and brand building, with terminal stores all over the country. GEMEIQ brand women's shoes are positioned in popular fashion. The core customer group is female consumers aged 20-45. The style is fashionable and elegant. Based on the in-depth study of Chinese women’s aesthetics, the designers focus on international footwear trends and new fashions, and integrate them into tradition. The latest fashion elements, stylish and elegant styles. With excellent quality, novel styles and thoughtful and perfect after-sales service, we have won the favor of consumers.

Project Design

According to the brand culture of the GEMEIQ shoe store and the space planning of the physical store, we designed the high cabinet partition display rack and the partition island display rack as the store's main shoe display rack. The scattered and orderly partitions make the entire high cabinet shoe display stand unique, instantly enhance the aura of the entire display stand, and also attract people's attention, so as to pay attention to the shoes on the display stand. The clapboard island display rack has high flexibility. It can not only display shoes on both sides without blocking the line of sight, but also divert the flow of people in the store. It can also display a large number of shoes for customers to choose at one time.

Actual Result

After installing our custom-designed shoe display stand in the GEMEIQ brand shoe store, with the store's lighting design, the whole store presents a stylish, elegant and dignified atmosphere. The display stands are green leaves and the shoes are safflowers. The so-called green leaves set off the safflower. The shoe display rack we designed just elaborated this sentence, better display the shoes, and highlight the distinctive side of the shoes. Put the shoes on the display rack, neat and orderly, clean and tidy, and provide customers with a comfortable shopping environment and shopping experience.

Project Summary

The display rack is the soul of a shoe store. Without a shoe display rack, a store will appear chaotic. Customers cannot quickly find their favorite shoes, nor can they provide customers with a comfortable shopping environment and shopping experience. The display stand we designed is very suitable for the GEMEIQ brand culture and the decoration style of the shop. Our project design is very successful, and it has also been recognized and affirmed by the shop owner!

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