Fazeya Men's Clothing Store

Project Name

Fazeya Men's Clothing Store


Zhongshan, Guangdong, China


Product Classification

Combination clothing display racks and shirt display rack

Preliminary Project

This is a Fazeya men's clothing store, mainly selling business style and casual style men's clothing. Fazeya is a fashion and art lifestyle brand under the Chinese brand enterprise Hengyuanxiang Group. In terms of brand concept, it emphasizes "the integration of Chinese and Western"; in design, it uses modern international concise design technology concepts; in terms of style, it focuses on global color culture research and design. The decoration style of the shop is simple and fashionable, and the lighting design presents a transparent and bright atmosphere.

Project Design

According to the brand culture, store decoration style and space distribution of Fazeya men's clothing store, we tailor-made a modular clothing display rack and shirt display rack as the main clothing display racks of the store. First of all, let’s talk about this shirt display stand. The black metal frame is matched with the sky blue lining, which is fresh, natural and attractive. The sky blue grid is particularly conspicuous in the clothing display racks of the entire store, and shirts of different colors are placed on it, giving people a different visual experience. This is not only a shirt display stand, but also a beautiful landscape in the shop. Then, let’s talk about the combination of this group of wall-mounted clothing display racks, double-layer wall-mounted clothing display racks and laminate display racks. Gray steel without fingerprints and brushed titanium gold, the texture of the metal is revealed one by one, showing a calm atmosphere, especially suitable for fashionable men's clothing stores. The clothing display on the display rack has front hanging, side hanging and folding, which can display different forms of clothing, so that customers have a better shopping experience. You can also put flowers and plants, small ornaments, posters, magazines, etc. on the shelf display shelf to add color and vitality to the entire store, so that the entire display shelf is not dull and boring.

Actual Result

After installing our tailor-made clothing display racks in the Fazeya men's store, combined with the store's decoration and lighting design, the entire store presents a calm, elegant, concise and fashionable atmosphere, which is particularly in line with the brand culture of the Fazeya men's store. The design of the combined clothing display rack is very reasonable, which maximizes the space utilization rate of the store, and is more flexible and richer than a single clothing display rack. Various forms of display can make customers have a better shopping experience.

Project Summary

This is a Fazeya brand men's clothing store. After installing the clothing display racks we designed, the atmosphere of the entire store not only highlights the calm atmosphere of men's clothing, but also echoes Fazeya's brand culture of simplicity and fashion. A successful project must be a tailor-made clothing display stand designed according to the store's decoration style, space distribution, lighting design and brand culture. Only when every detail is taken into account, will the affirmation and recognition of the clothing display stand be made.

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