EACHWAY Women's Clothing Store

Project Name

EACHWAY Women's Clothing Store


Zhongshan, Guangdong, China


Product Classification

Hanging clothing display racks

Preliminary Project

This is a branded women's clothing store. The EACHWAY brand creates a clean, concise, elegant and subtle image of a lady, showing the temperament connotation of mature and capable white-collar women in the workplace. EACHWAY brand women's clothing is suitable for urban intellectual white-collar women aged 25-35. The style of the clothes is simple and natural, fresh and elegant, fashionable and restrained. The clothing display racks we designed for the EACHWAY brand women's clothing store should also conform to the EACHWAY brand culture and store decoration style.

Project Design

According to the fish culture of the EACHWAY brand and the decoration style of the shop, from the characteristics of the fish and the spiritual connotation of the fish, we designed a hanging clothing display stand and a fish culture decorative wall for the EACHWAY brand women's clothing store. Hanging clothing display rack, simple lines, but ingenious design, a curved display rod with uniform hanging holes, and fish-shaped decorative pieces. The interpretation of the nature, self, and free pursuit of fish is perfect. It is also worth mentioning that the fish culture decoration wall. Fishes of different shapes and sizes are fixed on the wall, fully expressing the elegant, atmospheric, agile, and restrained image of the fish, which is in line with the EACHWAY brand image and its The pursuit of value and philosophy coincides with each other, vividly and concisely.

Actual Result

After installing our tailor-made clothing display racks and cultural decoration walls in the EACHWAY brand women's clothing store, the entire store presents a deep fish brand culture and an elegant, fashionable, fresh and natural atmosphere. The fish brand culture wall can not only play a role in brand promotion, but also a beautiful scenery in the shop. This is completely in line with our design expectations, and the boss is very satisfied and affirmed our design!

Project Summary

How can a clothing display rack project for a clothing store be considered a success? Firstly, it is recognized and affirmed by the shop owner; secondly, the atmosphere of the entire shop after the clothing display rack is installed is very in line with the clothing brand culture and shop decoration style; finally, the clothing display rack plays the biggest role to contribute to the store's revenue. Obviously, our tailor-made clothing display stand for the EACHWAY brand women's clothing store, this project is very successful, very outstanding!

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