CUYIN underwear shop

Project Name

CUYIN underwear shop


Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


Product Classification

Hanging clothing display racks, high and low double-sided island clothing display rack

Preliminary Project

This is a CUYIN brand underwear store. The products sold include many series of bras, briefs, trousers, jumpsuits, pajamas, home wear, etc., popular design, exquisite workmanship, comfortable feeling, advanced fabrics, and create light Affordable skin-friendly products. The floor of the store is fresh marble; the walls are mainly elegant white and light blue; the ceiling is mainly white, surrounded by light troughs with black lines, a classic combination of black and white colors. The decoration style of the shop presents a fresh and elegant, low-key yet luxurious atmosphere.

Project Design

According to CUYIN underwear store's brand culture, store decoration style and store space distribution, we tailor-made high and low double-sided island clothing display racks and hanging clothing display racks as the main clothing display racks of the store. First of all, let’s talk about this high and low double-sided island clothing display rack. Simple lines outline two display racks of different heights. A rectangle at the bottom connects the two display racks into a whole. The height of one side is 970MM, which is divided into two levels, suitable for displaying short clothes such as bras and briefs; the height of one side is 1500MM, suitable for displaying long skirts, home clothes, etc. Simple design, special shape, placed in the shop will be a beautiful landscape, adding a different color to the shop. Let's talk about this hanging clothing display rack, which is installed on the ceiling. It is suspended in the hollow and does not occupy the floor area, giving people a clean and neat feeling. The suspension rods are also designed with metal rings of different shapes, and the clothes are hung on the display, which looks particularly noble and elegant. The clothing display racks of the whole shop are light gold, giving people a sense of luxury, which is especially suitable for CUYIN high-end brand underwear shops. It is low-key and full of luxury.

Actual Result

After installing our tailor-made clothing display racks in CUYIN underwear store, with the decoration style and lighting design of the store, the whole store presents a fresh and elegant, low-key luxury atmosphere. This is very close to our expectations. High-end brand underwear stores should have such an atmosphere. As soon as customers walk into the store, they will feel that their status and status will be raised to a higher level, providing customers with a more comfortable shopping environment and a better shopping experience. The unique clothing display rack in the shop adds vitality and vitality to the entire shop, and the overall effect is even better.

Project Summary

The design of the clothing display rack of the CUYIN underwear shop has been recognized and affirmed by the shop owner, and it has also brought better benefits to the shop. This is undoubtedly a successful project. We do every project carefully, carefully design excellent clothing display racks to match the CUYIN underwear brand culture, match the shop decoration style, rationally use the store space distribution, and handle every detail perfectly. Create shops that are satisfied by the boss and liked by the customers to adapt to today's highly competitive society and contribute to the greater benefits of the shop.

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