Chikan Clothing Comprehensive Store

Project Name

Chikan Clothing Comprehensive Store


Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China


Product Classification

High-cabinet-against-the-wall clothing display racks and island clothing display racks

Preliminary Project

This is a comprehensive clothing store located in the prosperous commercial pedestrian street in Chikan, Zhanjiang. It is a comprehensive store selling clothing and shoes as the main products. The shop occupies a relatively large area, and the space distribution is relatively square. The overall decoration style of the shop is a fresh and simple atmosphere.

Project Design

According to the space distribution and decoration style of the store, we designed a series of display racks against the wall high cabinets and island clothing display racks as the main clothing display racks of the store. The coldness of metal and the natural freshness of wood will create a comfortable shopping environment and shopping experience. The display racks are arranged neatly and orderly, maximizing the space utilization of the shop, and the whole shop will feel clean, tidy, and generous. The island display rack is a two-sided display design, which can divert the flow of visitors into the store without being crowded; it can display more clothes at a time, provide customers with more choices, and allow customers to choose more favorite clothes.

Actual Result

This clothing store is located in a commercial pedestrian street, a bustling street with a lot of people, so there are many business opportunities. The large area of the store is already a big advantage. In addition, our tailor-made clothing display racks are perfect. The whole store presents a fresh, natural, clean and generous, beautiful and practical atmosphere.

Project Summary

We carefully design the clothing display racks of each store, and have also been recognized and affirmed by the store owner. We insist on producing high-quality products and customizing products that customers like. As long as you think of it, we will do it. Every product is dedicated and original, and strives to be perfect! We strive to be very satisfied with our customers and be your trustworthy manufacturer.

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