BOSCERO business men's clothing store

Project Name

BOSCERO business men's clothing store


Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


Product Classification

clothing display stand, middle island display stand

Project Design

BOSCERO is a branded clothing. There are special counters in many shopping malls and stores across the country. There are more than 100 stores across the country, which are very high-end. Mainly for high-end business people, the products are mainly casual and business men's clothing. Therefore, the design of our clothing display rack should bring out the high-end atmosphere of BOSCERO brand clothing, presenting a decent and prestigious image of a man.

Actual Result

BOSCERO brand clothing store placed the clothing display rack we designed, showing the overall aura we want. Our clothing display stands are like green leaves, bringing out the beauty of the flowers. An independent island display rack is hung upright, displaying a complete set of clothing, and a pair of shoes is placed on the bottom of the display rack, presenting a complete set of clothing collocations for customers' reference, thereby driving the sales of clothing accessories. The latest styles of trousers and clothes are placed on the clothing display table, attracting customers to choose from the store, and driving the flow of people in the store.

Project Summary

The competition in modern society is becoming increasingly fierce, especially in the clothing industry. Some people say that if there are ten shops on the streets and alleys, eight of them are clothing shops. How can we stand out among the many clothing stores? It is undoubtedly an excellent display and a unique clothing display stand. We specialize in the production of clothing display racks and are the supplier of clothing display racks for several major brands of clothing. Our retail clothing display racks and wholesale clothing display racks are your trusted clothing display rack manufacturer!

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